Hello world!

And so, finally after a whole month of dragging, pushing, delaying and lazing about, I’ve decided to start writing properly here. Yes, it has been a month since I got this blog up running, but somehow the lazy devil got the better of me and thus, I started procrastinating in getting this simple blog up.

I am officially the world’s best procrastinator. (: Thank you.

Yup, hello world. I recall the past few blogs I owned since primary school – first Diaryland, then subsequently eBloggy, followed by the awesome Blogger which spammed me full of advertorials and useless junk, and now I’m here at WordPress!

This is a blog I aim to pen down my thoughts, feelings, personal opinions, and views.

For those who are lazy to read the About Me page, here I am – a 22 year old communication student currently reading at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. A photographer, a car enthusiast, loves music, and a sad student (:

Enjoy, and remember to leave a tag or comment!



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