And finally,

it’s over!

Or at least a huge part of it.

This post is dedicated to all 12 of my friends and fellow school mates from the 7th Sino-Singapore Undergraduate Exchange program (SSUE). It has certainly been a tough month for us, planning and coordinating the visit for the PRC students on the 18th and 19th March. This trip has proved that although it is not easy to churn out a detailed program in such short notice, nothing is impossible if one puts his or her mind to it.

For those wondering, SSUE is a collaborative partnership between the Singapore Ministry of Education and the People’s Republic of China’s Education Ministry. This is the 7th year that this cultural exchange program is being held, and Singapore’s 3 universities (namely NTU, NUS and SMU) nominates a handful of students to participate in this program. This year, NTU saw 13 ambassadors, SMU 15 and NUS holding the record 25. Similarly, over at the PRC side, 4 participating universities will choose their ambassadors in the same manner Singapore chooses hers.

It has been a rewarding journey for me – the friendships forged, the bonds that were built, the experience gained in coordinating and planning countless meetings and rehearsals, and of course, not to forget, the laughter and joy we shared when we were together. Admittedly, it was not easy being a leader overseeing administrative and logistical issues, especially when most of our timetables clashed, but things always managed to turn out well, and I’m glad everything went smoothly and the entire event was a success.

Special thanks to Shaoning, who never failed to offer her assistance and take initiative when I was too tied up with other stuff, despite her busy schedule and heavy commitments, and also my fellow group leaders – Tian Hong and Kai Dick. Of course, not forgetting the rest of our group – Michelle, Zeke, Xin Ying, Ming Da, Naresh, Jonathan, Shi Shi, Joyce and Sean – you guys were really awesome!

When I was first selected for this program, I asked myself how the PRC students will be – will they be cooperative and spontaneous, or will they just follow blindly and not participate in anything? But when I first met them at Sentosa on the 13th together with my group mates, I knew the answer right away upon seeing them so participative and hyper-active – it was indeed worth it joining this program. (Yes I know this part is the same as my speech on the 19th March >.<)

The Singapore-visit part may be almost over (other than a performance this coming Tuesday at the MOE Farewell Dinner), but I certainly look forward to the China-visit when we head over in May for OUR cultural experience.

To all my fellow 7th SSUE friends:

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was indeed a memorable and enjoyable journey for me.

Let’s rock the performance on the 23rd!


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