The incompetency of some drivers…

I’m drifting off to wonderland in the midst of COM 223 – Publication Design. It’s a whole chunk of technical information on Photoshop of which I have already learnt, and the humorous jokes from the lecturers ain’t helping much. I’m feeding on Fisherman’s Friend in a desperate bid to stay awake, but apparently it’s not working either. ARGH.

That aside, I must say most drivers on the roads, especially in Singapore, need to be taught a lesson on how to drive safely and not cause any hazard or accidents. From road hogging (which we always see on the roads without fail), to drifting in and out of lanes unintentionally without the signal indicators on, these actions may be oblivious to the driver but he or she always fail to realize the danger they pose to other road users.

This post was triggered by an unfortunate incident this afternoon as I was heading to NTU from KK Hospital. So luckily for me, a black Audi A4 1.8T decided to be funny and drift into my lane after the traffic light outside Velocity Shopping Centre. He veered toward me at a distance close enough to take out my entire front bumper should I be 5 km/h faster. Undoubtedly, he got a long horn from me and a continuous high beam. What made things worse was, he horned back at me until he turned off a few hundred metres away!

DUDE! Where’s your f*cking brain? You horned at a person when you’re the one in the wrong??

I regret not taking down his number to slam here, but he better pray to all 8 religions that he don’t meet me on the roads again. Cutting into another lane without indication causing an accident / nearly causing an accident is tantamount to a traffic offence under the Road Safety Act from the Traffic Police. These buggers better learn their lesson before I get them arrested on the roads.

They say driving in Singapore is stressful – but I reckon it IS stressful not because of the number of cars on the roads, but rather the nonsense that most drivers on the roads are doing. It’s a wonder how they passed their driving tests.

Totally pissed off…


One thought on “The incompetency of some drivers…

  1. sadly, drivers of luxury vehicles always seems to be guilty of rubbish driving. :P cheer up man, try to enjoy his jokes. :P

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