vroom vroom…

How many times have you looked back and thought about those happy times during your childhood playing your favourite toys or just spamming around doing nothing?

Fortunately, I got that chance not too long ago. Well, for those who don’t know, I acquired a Nissan GTR recently. No, not the real 1:1 GTR that produces 550bhp, but rather, a 1:14 scale remote controlled GTR by RASTAR. It comes with a handy remote with an attached wheel for steering directions, and I must say their replication and attention to detail of the car is remarkable. Windshield wipers, GTR badges on the side vents, interior dashboard and cabin configurations… all to the max!

What’s more enticing, it comes at a reasonable price of only S$39.90!

This sounds more of an advertorial for the toy, but imagine the fun you would have, racing it around and performing stunts. Stunts which most of us will never dare to attempt in real life, and stunts which will perhaps leave damage marks on your chassis of the vehicle. :P

Meanwhile, here’s a snapshot of the front view together with Terence and Phile’s cars!

L-R: Terence’s Honda, Philemon’s Ferrari FXX, my GTR

For those whose fingers are already itching and reaching out into your wallets, hold it! Before I sound like I’m promoting this for RASTAR, here’s 5 reasons on why you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT buy it :)

5 Reasons to buy it:

  1. Ever felt like attempting a handbrake or J-turn but never had the guts to do it? Here’s your chance! (You can’t be in it though, sadly)
  2. Capable of drifts (only when your tires are worn out or you smear powder over it. Alternatively, you can learn from me and attempt countless wheel spins take-off!)
  3. I still find it amazing that it has INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION STRUTS in the front! This means going over an obstacle (low enough to clear the ground clearance of course) and not damaging the car cos the struts will absorb the impact! How awesome is that!
  4. Front and rear lights (pity it ain’t HID)
  5. At 1:14, it is incredibly scaled and replicated to the most minute details, including disc brakes and sat-nav screen in the dashboard! What more can you ask for for 39.90??

5 Reasons NOT to buy it:

Now, here comes the spoilers just in case you’re all set on buying it but still cannot decide if it’s worth it…

  1. It only operates on one frequency (i.e. 27.145Mhz). Like, seriously, how stupid can they get? Did they restrict the frequency just to prevent us from reliving our childhoods again? With only one frequency, you can expect to see a bunch of cars go haywire if all of them are on the same channel!
  2. Being only a model RC car, it holds the same reputation as the real life Japanese cars – they can’t withstand collisions. I have countless scratches on the body of my GTR when it’s barely two weeks old, a premonition similar to the ones you will find in the news reporting that a Honda split into two when involved in an accident. Japanese cars….eeks
  3. It eats a hell lot of electricity. And I mean a LOT. The chassis itself takes 5 AA batteries and the controller, an additional 9-volt charge. Good thing if you have plenty of rechargeable batteries to spare, or if you are hardworking to head down to IKEA or the 1.99 shop to grab some. Bad if you are one of those environmentally friendly guys who refuse to spam batteries like nobody’s business. FYI: My 5 AA batteries lasted me 4 days…. 4 very-intensive-and-fierce days of rolling about.
  4. While we’re on the topic of batteries, the GTR allows you to monitor when it’s going dead. On a low battery level, instead of flashing a light telling you ‘Oi! Please change my batts!’, it crawls. And I swear, it’s slower than an ant. Turning radius will decrease to 0, and you’ll literally get a car heading straight making a beeline for anything in its way despite you yanking the steering wheel.
  5. There are much better competitors! If you’re one that is looking for possibilities to race with others, you might want to consider other RC car brands such as Silverlit (featuring a 1:18 scale if I’m not wrong, tri-band remote technology and variable speed and directional control). Ask Philemon for more details. He recently got one! :D

I’ve a video showcasing the cars racing in a mock ‘drag race’ but apparently wordpress refuses to upload it for me. Next time then…

Grab yours now at any Carrefour, Toys ‘r’ Us or major departmental stores NOW! :D


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