The final lap… of this semester >.<

And so, it’s here once again. The final sprint of the final lap to the end of the semester, or should I be more accurate, the start of the deadly exams.

I created this wallpaper, a simple creation using Adobe Photoshop, a constant reminder for me to STUDY AND STOP SURFING OTHER USELESS WEBSITES! Let’s hope it’ll work.

Taking 5 modules and having only 3 examinable ones this semester seems easy to secure a second class if not a first, but I failed to take into consideration that the lesser modules you have, the more our friend, INERTIA, would creep up and knock on your door. I swear this semester is the most tiring semester ever, even though BS 803 is an MCQ paper and COM 223 is an open book examination. HOW COULD THIS BE!?

Indeed, time flies. It seems only like yesterday that the semester commenced, and only like a few hours ago that we were hanging out at the benches munching happily on the Super Tuesday value meal (CAN WE HAVE THAT AGAIN??? HAHA), happily racing our RC cars all over the 3rd floor corridor, not giving a shit about the poor lecturers who were obviously disturbed by the noise the tyres were making.

School has ended, and this marks the start of our study break, since our papers don’t start until a week later. Ironically, I managed to pull through my first ever successful overnight studying at the airport with Terence yesterday, although the sofa was extremely sleep-inducing.

*Note: If you really wish to study overnight at the airport, do not head to Coffee Club at T3. I swear you will love the seats so much you’ll not bother about studying anymore.

And coming on to that topic, I simply cannot believe two things that I saw yesterday at the airport:


Like, dudes, don’t you all have lives? I see parents dragging their half-asleep kids walking the airport, obviously not heading for the departure gates. Come on, I believe you beds are more tempting than walking the terminals of the airport? Suddenly the airport seemed so much more alive than it is in the day, with crowds of people thronging every single corner that we step foot in. Simply disgusting.

And of course, students swarmed the famous coffee places like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Coffee Club… etc (did I mention there was an entire group of businessmen and women at TCC T3?) AT 12 MIDNIGHT??? Go home, come on!

2) Finding a power-plug at Changi Airport is far more difficult than digging for gold or finding kryptonite. I swear.

Don’t believe me? Go take a look yourself. There are simply ZERO power points available throughout the entire T2 and T3, or rather, none that we could find. Macs was incredibly power-savvy, hiding all their points from our view and locking them up. >.< Starbucks was full and there was only ONE miserable plug, shared among 3 laptops there. Coffee Bean saw the same situation, with 1 miserable point hogged by this tourist obviously on transit watching some weird Bollywood YouTube video. Sigh.

Ok I do realize that I’m rambling random and nonsensical stuff with completely no relevance to one another. To those who even bothered to read till here, my apologies. This is called ‘pre-exam stress’ for poor students. :(

Off to bathe, ciao!

*Oh yes, and to all my friends out there mugging their heads off for exams, good luck to all of you! :D


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