And, it’s over!

Finally, COM 254 paper marked the end of my year 2 journey in NTU, leaving me with two long years to go. But that aside, it’s time to PLAY! :)

I would say it was an unnecessary worry for COM 254 paper. Most of it were standard and basic regurgitation of both the readings and lecture slides, and a note to those taking it in future: it might just be helpful if you plough through the past year papers. :P

Headed to the Singapore Flyer with Kai Shi after the paper – first time we’ve been there. Yup, certainly memorable but time seem to fly by SO FAST that by the time we knew it, one round on board the Flyer has already passed. Dang. We spotted capsules reserved for the Sky Dining, but unfortunately, at a peak price of $249+++ (and it’s ONLY A SHARED CAPSULE! If you want to have a private capsule for 2, I bet the prices would be around $500?)

Enough ranting, I shall let the pictures do the talking :P

Cool ‘boarding passes’! It makes you really feel like you’re going on a flight, with all the ‘check-in’ and scanning of bags procedures.

We’re at the top of the world! :)

And now, the things to look forward to:

1) SSUE trip to China next week

2) Movie/FYP screening on Friday

3) Cycling/Barrage/Kite-flying

4) CHALET! :)

5) so much more stuff that I don’t know where to start…

I love holidays.


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