It’s so hard to find a job…

Especially when you have an extremely weird schedule like mine…

June 2010: I’m supposed to re-paint my two rooms and make it look sparkling clean and new. Considering the amount of dust and junk that has been accumulating since before the China trip, I guess it’s time to give it a new coat of paint and a new look. I should stop sleeping on the floor too, although it IS really comfortable. Sigh. That will take up probably the entire month here, considering that it’s already mid-June or CLOSE to mid-June now.

July 2010: Here’s my only free month. :(

August 2010: Preparations for NDP would have started since July, though not affecting my weekdays and Sundays. August would be hectic, especially since we’re gearing up for Singapore’s 45th birthday bash on 9th August (a big-one expected since it’s a Padang year!) and immediately after that, YOG 2010 kicks into action from the 14th to 26th August.

And immediately after that, school starts :(

So, there’s my predicament now. Who would want to employ me for just one month!?

Bores me out staying at home staring at my computer. I’ve been procrastinating too much about painting my rooms and tidying up the place! Need to get to work soon! Sigh.

I need a job (a one-month job if possible :P )…

*edit*: Just heard from Phile that Top Gear‘s new season will be released in late June! A check on Wikipedia reveals the truth:

“As of May 2010, series 15 is currently in production. The first episode of the series will air 27 June on BBC2.”

Hooray! Entertainment once more! And in the words of Jeremy Clarkson,



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