[7th SSUE] Part 2: Exploring TIANJIN! :)

It has been such a long while – I kinda forgot what we actually did in Tianjin…

Let me see…

Visited Nankai University – I still remember I was pretty awed by the size of the campus (I swear it’s probably two times larger than NTU, and I still cannot believe how they continued exclaiming that NTU was ginormous when they came over in March!). Tianjin University was located in the heart of the city, though while strolling inside the campus you hardly hear any vehicular noise from outside roads.

Look at how awesome and beautiful their campus is! If only NTU was half as beautiful as this…

So we split into groups, and was led on a campus tour. One thing for sure, the blaring of horns DO continue inside campus, similar to that level outside on the streets. They blare horns for no reason, not bothering to stop and scold as per how Singaporeans would, or not bothering to even look what’s wrong with the person they’re directing their horn to. Awesome. In a sacarstic tone though…

NTU @ Nankai University! Didn’t bother to take much shots inside the university so I thought I’d just post a few general shots here…

Well, despite it being written in Chinese, they seem to have a problem reading these signs… or perhaps they just don’t give a damn. Illegal parking is EVERYWHERE. Singapore’s TP would be over the moon if they visit their country to summon illegally parked vehicles.

Had our first ‘China’ meal over there at Nankai University – within their campus in their cafe. Was quite an experience, and through it, we did discover favourite foods of some of our friends (e.g. Shaoning and fishes :P) Food wasn’t excellent, but it tasted awesome after a whole morning of walking under the scorching sun. OH! One thing about their food – I suppose they cook their dishes with a cup full of salt and oil each. Can someone please explain to me why is their food so extremely salty and oily? Talk about healthy eating… bleah…

Caught in the act – look at the entire skeleton on her plate… TSK.
And no, she did not eat the entire fish, in case you were wondering… LOL

Just had to post this. Sweet eh?
Disclaimer: They’re not a couple…

So, after a heavy lunch and with everyone dozing off, we left Nankai for a tour of Tianjin city – our first proper tour in the town. Visited the City Development and Planning Office, of which their very ‘unruly’ and ‘ill-mannered’ staff kept rebutting us for photography inside the building – so much for professional courtesy. TSK.

Out of CDPO we came, and we were standing on the grounds of their local ‘Little Italy’ street – an area I swear you will not believe it’s China when you step foot in there (less the China accent in their talks that is). Bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants… every decent kind of entertainment you can possibly find in Tianjin is there. That place has got to be the ‘night life’ of Tianjin!

A part of Little Italy. Doesn’t look like it’s in China eh?

The girls posing and loving their “Holland-style” shots…

And that night, we visited the Tianjin Eye! I must say after a ride on it, Singapore Flyer’s not exciting or attractive anymore. It trashes the Flyer hands down in decoration, structure, ride, scenery … everything! Let the pictures do the talking once again!

The Tianjin Eye

Us @ the Tianjin Eye! *Awesome pic less the focusing problem*
(L-R: Zeke, Xin Ying, Shi Shi, Me & Ming Da!)

And so, we decided to cam-whore inside the capsule.

Scenic view of the Tianjin roads from up in the Tianjin Eye!

Almost fell into the river attempting this shot – pity the wheel’s not aligned with its reflection

Along the Tianjin River (or what river is that?)

Pics aside, and side tracking for now, I love the weather there! It’s simply fantastic, with temperatures hovering around the mid 10 degrees at night, and not exceeding 25 in the day. How awesome is that! Totally reminds me of the days back in Australia when we had to walk home in the freezing cold – shiok yet shivering!

That’s about all for Tianjin part 1! Stay tuned for the next installment: Beijing’s Great Walls & Palaces!

Nights world!


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