And so WKWSCI FOC 2010: RSVP is over.

So many people have tagged and written notes and blog posts regarding this camp – mine comes today, 4 days after FOC ended. And to those who will diligently sub my article for grammar and sentence structure mistakes, please don’t – because I wrote what I truly feel and in a short period of time :P

I set off for this camp with an open mind – one that I told myself I had to have fun and enjoy myself. And guess what? I did. Even though I experienced little setbacks, disappointments and quarrels mid-camp, at the end of the day, I still did enjoy myself.

Believe it or not, RSVP was the first FOC camp in my university life – and of course, one that I attended whole-heartedly. Somehow for some reason unknown to me or the seniors, my name was left out during my FOC back in 2008 – and I only got to know about it one day before the camp started. Back then, I was already about to set off to Langkawi for a holiday – and I can’t possibly cancel the trip. So in August 2008, without attending the camp, without bonding within OGs and without the fun and laughter, I started my university life. Most people who didn’t attend the FOC chose to. I had no choice. Yes, until today, I regret that I didn’t join – and I regret that I didn’t cancel my flight – and I always wondered why was my name left out. For the first two years of university, I felt very very very left out. I had friends, but it feels like I belonged nowhere – no OG, no cliques (other than Caleb and Wee Koon)… life was miserable.

Then came A Song for Viola. While I was involved in photography as the main photographer collating all photographs from my fellow team mates, I didn’t have the chance to bond with any particular OG. Ok, perhaps I admit I didn’t try hard enough. Pre-FOC activities and politics wore me out to the point I didn’t feel like contributing. At that point in time, I thought to myself: I’ve already missed my own FOC – one more wouldn’t be that bad.

I was wrong.

Emotions always get the better of everyone, or at least most of us. Seeing the adrenaline and enthusiasm displayed by everyone at the camp egged me on, especially during Starry Starry Night – and prompted me to think why didn’t I volunteer for a larger scale position. It was then too late – with only a day remaining.

So I came back to RSVP, as a senior attached. To the Cosmobananas, I’m sorry if I did seem a little reserved and quiet during the camp – I personally am a kind of more reserved guy at first sight, but I did love the way all of you bonded and cheered each other on. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t win – what matters is the experience gained and the fun and joy shared together.

RSVP gave me a sense of belonging to WKWSCI – one that was not felt in me that strongly for the past two years. Thank you to all who made it possible. At the very end, it’s still small little things that happened (be it smoothly or unfortunately, like the article recently posted) that makes up this special bond and attachment that you feel to the school (or at least how I feel toward the school). This FOC somehow seems to be like MY FOC, only thing it’s two years late and I’m probably on a slight different frequently with the freshies – I’m already a third year student, but still, I thoroughly enjoyed it – and I’m sure I would even more if I was a little more open. :)

As a new ‘old-freshie’, I’m thankful to those that made this FOC possible – the RSVP committee, OGs, OGLs, AGLs, SAs and all seniors. I’ve never dreamt that I will feel so strongly for this school, but now I can say:

WKWSCI is my school. I’m proud to be a part of this family.


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