Marina Bay Sands

And so after two months since it’s grand opening, I stepped foot for the first time into the new Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. No I did not head there to gamble or sneak into the casino (I still find it absurb that locals have to pay a $100 levy to enter the casino while foreigners do not have to). Was there thanks to Andrew – whose friend managed to secure a couple of rooms (extensive casino relations… erhemmmm).

It was my first visit up to the Sands Skypark – though I wasn’t impressed by it at the very least, sadly. While crowd control was one aspect that Sands could look into, the amount of human traffic up there was incorrigible. (And it was only a Friday!) There were no proper security checkpoints, and public were allowed to stroll in and out of restricted areas only meant for hotel guests. It was a nice touch of architecture design, I must say, and I still want to take a long long dip in the Infinity Pool.

Nevertheless, managed to head into the Observation Deck (without the huge loss of $20 :P ) and got the chance to snap some pictures. Thanks to their strict policy of no tripods (heard that they will patrol and chase you if you are spotted using one, but then again, some people note the relaxed attitude of their staff during weekdays), I managed to snap only a few shots at an extremely high ISO.

View of Singapore Flyer, Benjamin Sheares Bridge and the Tanjong Rhu golf course from the Observation Deck.

The view from the opposite side of the Observation Deck, showing the Convention Centre (bottom left), Singapore’s Central Business District at the top left, and the Esplanade together with Swissotel the Stamford at the top right corner.

And finally, a panoramic view of the Singapore city landscape!

The Skypark isn’t fantastic if you’re not up there for a swim or a dip in the various jacuzzi available. So, down we headed to Andrew’s room. Heard it was priced at about $400++ a night, and you do know how these ++ could multiply up to +++++ especially in posh hotels like these ones. Shudders.

The room was beautiful! And I mean, really beautiful, with a huge bathroom and a large bathtub probably enough to squeeze a couple inside together hahaha. The WC stall and shower stall were separated by frosted glass doors, making the entire design elegant enough to match my standards :P No locks, though – although I suppose if you were staying together at MBS, you’d probably be a couple or close enough not to mind people looking at your rear end should they open the door accidentally. Oops.

Don’t you just wanna jump onto the bed and snuggle up in the blankets…

And not forgetting, there’s a full body arm-chair (or couch, or whatever you call that) next to the bed for you to laze while you watch TV!

Mini-bar concealed in the cabinet underneath the TV! They are smart enough to charge guests once the item is lifted off the rack (thanks to some super duper sensors fitted there). Now you know how to ‘sabo’ your friends staying there :P Just lift everything off the shelf and put it back again – you don’t even have to take it away or hide it *HEH HEH*

Check out that kick-ass bathroom with that bathtub!!!

It would be great to get a night’s stay there… just check in, enjoy the Skypark and the Infinity Pool, or just laze around in bed or soak in the bathtub and ‘nua’ there…

Sometime… someday…

When I have enough money to spend on things like this… :(


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