One Voice 2010: Live our Dreams, Fly our Flags

After two months of covering rehearsals and previews for me, NDP 2010 finally came to an end yesterday. While on one hand I was glad everything was over, there was still this part of me that will miss the long Saturdays in the fireworks office, the jokes we shared and the fun we had – not forgetting the days climbing onto City Hall roof top  and heading up to Swissotel’s 49th floor for a bird’s eye view.

Singapore may not be the best country to live in, but we always take for granted the freedom, prosperity and peace that we enjoy. Guys bitch and bitch about NS and how it is a waste of time, without realizing the importance of national security. Adults and most taxi drivers bitch about the government, far forgetting the fact that we still remain one of the best governed countries in the world.

But then again, honestly, I would still prefer the Singapore five to ten years ago – the time when Orchard Road was still considered the ‘high class atas shopping district’. The current humongous influx of foreign talents we have now, although making Singapore a multi-racial and cultural society, makes us on the other hand, just like ‘rojak’. Every single person in the world wants to come here – to work, to live, to play. Yes it is to be proud that our country is so attractive – but when it comes to a point when foreigners outnumber our citizens, perhaps this is not a good idea anymore.

But then again, I’m not the government.

Nevertheless, rantings aside, NDP 2010 was indeed a spectacular performance put up – one which I enjoyed myself tremendously. A particular CPT from the SAF once mentioned to me that the atmosphere on the Parade Grounds itself is so different from that on top of Swissotel, where we were located. As much different as it might be, the sense of patriotism caught up with me, especially when Kit Chan sang her original version of ‘Home’ – one which was never heard at NDP shows for close to 5 years. It brings back all the memories of the old patriotic national songs, such as “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”, “We are Singapore”, “Chan Mali Chan” and “Stand up for Singapore”. And yes, that proud feeling and the sense of belonging to this country rose to a high at 2010 hrs, when we stood at attention even on top of Swissotel, far from the Padang, reciting the National Pledge and singing Majulah Singapura together. It was probably the first time since OCS commissioning that I actually sang the anthem.

I’ve gathered together a couple of the shots from over the weeks of rehearsals, spanning from Combined Rehearsal 1 all the way till actual day yesterday – a series of photographs recording the journey from which NDP came from this year.

Here’s to many more years of prosperity and success to my nation and my home. Happy Birthday Singapore!

25 pounder guns sitting at War Memorial Park ready for the Presidential Gun Salute

[NE Show 2] Michelle Chia, one of the four emcees for the Parade, ready to enter the parade grounds on a Harley.

[NDP 10 AD] A Red Lion from the SAF Parachute Team bearing the Singapore Flag.

[NE Show 2] Singing the National Anthem as the giant state flag makes its fly past across the Padang.

The RSAF F-16D Fighting Falcons performing a bomb burst above the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts

The Parade Ceremonial Band led by Drum Major ME1 Muhd Hafis and Director of Music ME5 Philip Tng. The Band is made up of members from the SAF Central Band, SPF Band and the NCC Band.

Firing of the Presidential 21 Gun Salute

[NDP 10 AD] 2 RSAF F15SG Strike Eagles performing their Shackle pass during the aerial display.

Making their debut at this year’s NDP, the new F15SG Strike Eagles from the Republic of Singapore Air Force!

[NE Show 2] Parade Commander LTC Lek Seng Koon leading the march past.

And lastly, the segment which never fails to impress – FIREWORKS!

Shot from Swissotel’s 49th floor – a bird’s eye view of the bay area with fireworks!

So long, NDP – see you again next year :) Meanwhile, enjoy the closing shot of our scenic Marina Bay waterfront with our CBD during the State Flag flypast yesterday at NDP 2010.


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