What is the world coming to…

that even teenagers and youths get into brawls and quarrels so easily nowadays?

I was appalled to read the shocking story of the brawl between Singapore’s Young Lions and Beijing’s Guoan soccer team at the recent S-League match. The match, held at Jalan Besar Stadium, sure made it to our headlines fast as a game ended in blows being exchanged and a poor chap being kicked in the head.

Now before I do make any points, do allow me to clarify my stand of being a neutral party in this case. I refuse to side with any team, even though I’m a Singaporean and some idiots out there will probably say: You should help Singapore what! It’s your country! Well, screw you. I don’t think they deserve help nor sympathy.

First and foremost, why on earth did they get into a brawl and create such a magnificent scene on home-ground? Even if it were the Chinese who started the brawl, what happened to the professionalism that our youth soccer players were supposed to exhibit? Weren’t they taught to take things in their stride and ignore the hussle? I’m pretty sure if they had exhibited that little bit more professionalism and tolerance, none of these nonsense would have erupted. And to think these people are our future national players… wow!

And moving on to the Guoan team – come on, you’re on foreign territory. It’s probably the last place you want to start a fight and destroy the nice Sino-Singapore ties your country’s leaders have built with our Government. What audacity crept into you to deliver a blow straight into our player’s head? The football pitch is not a place to exhibit your Jackie Chan moves and act like a wrestler from WWE. It is a place to showcase team spirit, to display sportsmanship, and to enjoy yourself even though you may be fighting for a medal or a cup. Sad to say, both teams displayed none of these qualities and values.

So what will the enquiry come out to be? Will both teams receive punishment amounting to a discharge from the soccer scene? It’d be interesting to see what FAS can concur and what actions will be taken. Meanwhile, perhaps this incident should be used as a warning to all sportsmen out there in Singapore. Play your best, maintain your professionalism and display your sportsmanship – that’s probably the way you’ll do your country proud be it whether you win the match or not.

Meanwhile, I do hope severe disciplinary action will be taken against these youths. It’s time you wake up and realize violence won’t solve anything.

Sorry? I’m afraid not…


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