Unlimited clarity of vision with Essilor’s Crizal lenses!

I happened to chance upon Alvinology’s blog, and this caught my attention – something that I would need considering my particular attention to detail about dirt and smudges on spectacle lenses.

So, without further ado, I present to you Essilor’s Crizal lenses!

I did a little reading up on the product, got a little help from Alvin and Vibes Communication, and decided to do up a post on it to share with all you peeps out there this wonderful technology!

For those wearing spectacles out there, think about the top 5 (or perhaps only 5) things that you won’t ever want to see on those lenses of yours. You’ve probably guessed it – fingerprints… cracks… dirty marks… etc etc…

There you are… the 5 situations you won’t want to be caught in when wearing spectacles!

And that’s exactly what Crizal lenses prevents! Crizal technology virtually eliminates fingerprints, dust particles and reflections, giving you the ultimate clarity of vision when you wear one! No need to worry about smudges, water stains when you accidentally get caught in the rain, or fuss over cleaning your spectacles every half a day (if you’re as ‘anal’ as me in this area)!

As quoted from Ellisor’s website, “Dust has seen as enemy that affects the clarity of vision on a lens. Worldwide research shows that, over 70% of consumers have shown their interest in a dust repellence treatment on their lenses.”

“On the 7th of October 2008, Essilor Singapore launches its latest generation of Crizal coating. This new generation of Crizal promotes a virtually dust free condition for the lenses. Apart from its smudge repellence feature, with the help of Essilor i-technology, new feature of anti-static is added into Crizal.”

Yes yes, I know it’s been two years since the lens was launched – but hey! It’s not too late to change if you’re that particular about these things!

A little more about the lens in graphic details…


1) It’s fingerprint-free!

Hate those times when you take off your spectacles for a quick split second eye massage? Or when your fingers accidentally touch the glasses when trying to push your specs up the apex of your nose? Gone are the worries! No more fingerprints! (although that doesn’t mean no more cleaning of spectacles!)


2) It’s scratch-proof!

Remember the times when you fumbled around for your glasses in the dark or somewhere else and you hear it drop to the floor? And the horror on your face when you discovered something has scratched it? Now you’ll never need to worry about accidentally scratching your lenses when you drop your glasses! Also, rated as the cleanest lenses in the world, you’ll never need to clean your glasses so frequently. So, less cleaning –> less scratches –> you’re a happy man (or lady)!


3) It combats glare…

Or should I say, minimal reflection. Particularly useful for photographers in combating lens flare when you want to gauge the lighting of the surroundings (: Crizal’s lenses improves your comfort of vision by reducing the intensity of reflections present by half. In this way, you’ll be able to see things clearer, especially useful when it comes to night time when you’re out in a brightly lit street shopping, or perhaps at a rock concert with all the swiveling spot lights!

4) It’s dust-free!

The reason why normal lenses attract dust particles so easily is because of static electricity present. The more static present, the more dirty your lenses get. Particularly true especially after you wipe your glasses repeatedly. However, with Crizal’s new i-technology, a very thin conducting layer is added, eliminating any static charges present – resulting in a dust free lens!

5) And finally, Crizal lenses repels water

Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I get caught in the rain a lot of times. I hate it when I’m all nicely dressed up with clear specs (yes, I’m that particular about these small little nitty gritty details), and it starts to drizzle or pour, and ultimately, my specs will get wet. There’ll either be huge droplets of water rolling about, or extremely minute mist-like vapour stuck to my glasses. :(

So, thankfully, I would say this is the best solution for me! On Crizal’s lenses, water droplets simply roll off the specs instead of staying there like a stubborn mole, giving you a stain-free glass and it being easier to clean! (And yes, if you’re wondering, those are shark fins in the picture on the right – or at least I think they are)


Unfortunately, no I do not have a pair yet, although I’d be more than happy to own one :) My next pair of glasses will definitely be a Crizal lens!

In case my temptation plot above worked for you, Crizal lenses are available at most opticians locally and internationally, although I’m not too sure how the price range is…


What are you waiting for? Head down to your nearest optician now!


*All photographs courtesy of Vibes Communication unless otherwise stated.


3 thoughts on “Unlimited clarity of vision with Essilor’s Crizal lenses!

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  3. I am soooo jazzed about these lenses!!! My glasses are the first thing I reach for in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. I have to save up for new glasses but I can’t settle for anything less now that I know about Crizal.

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