BMW World Singapore…

A while ago, I blogged about the BMW World and how awesome it is in terms of technological advancement and premier launches of vehicles. However, after a short one hour trip to the exhibition last Thursday, I was sorely and severely disappointed.


So, I decided to put it in pictures rather than blabbering about how wonderful the show was, which it was NOT…


Yes, my Facebook profile has the entire album there, but a lengthy paragraph as a caption on how white balance sucks and the drastically low number of cars at BMW World won’t do justice to the photos, hence my ranting here…   Didn’t manage to head there with Terence as he was completely knocked out due to the overnight shoot the night before. Good thing he went home to rest. Met up with Jerome and we headed via Helix Bridge into MBS. The queue was quite short, and after a quick registration, we were issued our ‘entrance pass’ to the exhibition site. (I filled in a feedback form requesting to test the 6 series and the M3… since they said any car of your choice, might as well right? :P )


We got it pretty quick – not a lot of people at the exhibition (or at least at the entrance)


One of the first few vehicles to greet us when we stepped into the hall – fugly looking 8 series!


This has got to be one of the few decent looking parts on the old red vintage machines they used to swoon over in the past…


The new BMW 740 Li – don’t you just love BMW’s ring lights…


The new BMW X1 sDrive18i… loads of abbreviations there…


I’d LOVE to have this badge on my car… or rather, I’d LOVE to drive this car


Don’t you just LOVE this car?? *drools*


One of the major highlights at BMW World – the BMW M3 GTS. Sleek as hell, yeah for sure, but I hate the carbon fibre spoiler at the rear. Makes it look on the same level as a stupid WRX or a modified Honda Civic! ARGH!


Me with the M3 GTS… I wouldn’t want that car, I want its younger brother – the M3 :D


The other major highlight of the exhibition – the BMW Gina Light Visionary model.



Nothing really interesting in the exhibition hall – so we left after an hour or so. I would say the only few cars worth looking at are the BMW M series, the GINA and the M3 GTS… For the rest of the cars, quite a huge disappointment I would say, as compared to other major shows around the world. Sigh…


I reckon Performance Motors at Alexandra Road has more models than this exhibition…


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