Rockmelt: Your Browser. Re-imagined

I’m testing out the new web browser Rockmelt and currently am typing using it. Quite a useful explorer, I would say, but I’m summing it up as unnecessary for Mac users as you already have Spaces and Expose functions on your awesome laptops :)


A quick guide into what Rockmelt can do – I’d rather use pictorial explanation compared to blabbering five paragraphs of what the browser is capable of and getting you sick of reading this…


Honestly, I would say Rockmelt looks like a combination of both Google Chrome and Safari. It’s simplistic layout provides an elegant and classy feel when you open the browser, and immediately, preview pop-ups of your last visited pages will appear – a feature we all are familiar with in Safari (top sites). Of course, this time, it comes with the additional buttons for viewing ‘Recently Closed’ tabs and ‘All History’ to show all pages you’ve visited.


One exciting feature for you Facebook fans out there – Rockmelt automatically connects to your Facebook account (authorization required upon initial boot up) and will display your friends, a compressed version of Facebook Chat. By clicking on a friend’s avatar, you will be able to view his latest posts on Facebook and even chat with him, as illustrated above with Philemon Foo.


And because Rockmelt only shows a couple of friends (they can’t possibly compress all 500 over friends of yours into a small tiny column), you have the option of searching for the friend you’re looking for – instantaneous results like what you’ll get on the new Google search engine. Of course, you have the ability to ‘favourite’ them too, so that they’ll always appear on your Chat list on the browser!


Came across the situation whereby you wanted to update your status about something but didn’t want to exit your browser and head over to another tab or Tweetdeck? Here’s a chance for you to update your status on the go, simply by clicking on your own avatar!


Also, if you come across an awesome website (say for example… NTU edveNTUre?) and wish to share that joy with the rest of the world, a simple click on the ‘Share’ button next to your URL bar will do the job!


Remember Google’s instantaneous search function that sorts and displays results as you type your search query? It’s available on Rockmelt too!


Moving on to the right panel of the browser, a simple button allows you to manage your RSS feed/application connections and subscriptions. Here, you can set which pages you wish to be featured on the tab (e.g. Facebook profile, Twitter… etc)


Rockmelt revolves around Facebook. Period. It even has a button to inform you about your Facebook notifications!


And even lets you view your Live Feed column on Facebook! (Who needs to log into the Facebook page anymore?)

Unfortunately, my Twitter RSS feed didn’t work out well, but yes it does allow syncing to your Twitter account too – I would presume you’ll be able to tweet, reply and direct message others from there too!




Verdict: IMHO, Rockmelt is overrated. It’s simply a combination of Chrome and Safari, customized to look more cool. I believe it’ll hit well with people who are Facebook addicts, and forever on Facebook Chat – as well as people who don’t utilize Expose and Spaces on their MacBooks. A tad useful for Windows users though (cos Spaces and Expose aren’t available on Windows operation systems).


But then again, for Mac users, would you prefer to use Rockmelt or the Spaces function?


For me, it’ll certainly be Spaces.

Spaces function on an Apple operation system



About Rockmelt

Rockmelt is now available for download via invites only. Visit and request for an invitation – your friends who are currently using Rockmelt will be able to view your request and send you a link to download the browser! All for FREE! (That being said, you only have 3 invitations once you sign up for Rockmelt – use them wisely!)


One thought on “Rockmelt: Your Browser. Re-imagined

  1. yea, spaces is the way to go. I don;t need like so many things obscuring my view of webpages. I prefer the clean look of chrome too.

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