Whistle blowing in our universities?

I’m sure we’ve heard of organisations that practices confidentiality reports and feedbacks from staff and its stakeholders, both externally and internally. We can always be assured that every company (or I would say, most) strives to keep feedback and evaluation on other members or its corporate direction/services confidential, except to the board of directors or the panel of jury, that is.


I have never came a company or organisation that widely publicizes this policy in the said attempt to appear transparent. Sure, I have came across companies that announces that all feedback will be kept confidential pending investigations. However, these are all minute situations and do not exactly surface online when you check the Terms & Conditions or Confidentiality Clause of any organisation.


Found on the StudentLink website of the Nanyang Technological University, students can view the policy on Whistle Blowing on Faculty and Staff. No doubt you can provide feedback (confidential) to the administration, but is it wise to publicize this policy on the net? Was this a result of the recent bad press the university received from the media and papers?


For those who are curious, simply head to your StudentLink account and click on the “Others” tab.



You’ll notice a new link on Whistle Blowing Policy between the eParking System and Temperature Declaration System. I’m not too sure when it was introduced, or if majority of the student population have noticed it, but a click on it would bring you to this page:


“The University is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability and in support of these values, has in place a “Whistle Blowing Policy” (the “Policy”).  This Policy provides for a mechanism for its faculty and staff who may, in confidence, submit instance of incident or raise concern regarding possible impropriety or irregular practice within the University, any apparent non-compliance with the established codes of conduct as well as the violation of research ethics and integrity under the University’s Research Integrity Policy and Procedures.”


While I applaud NTU for taking the strong stance on confidentiality of reporting against its own staff and faculty members should they be performing not up to expectations or in a way tarnishing the university’s reputation, perhaps this could be kept behind curtains. One would agree that not every policy or decision about a company needs to be made public, especially if it’s pertaining to internal communications and image reputation or branding.


What’s more, if this is directed at Staff and Faculty members as per stated in the Policy, why is this linked to StudentLink?


Of course, the university might have its own reasoning behind this move, but all these are just my two cents worth.


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