Prime movers…

I was wondering what the jam on PIE was all about this morning, when my Traffic@SG application reported a massive jam towards the direction of Tuas around the Paya Lebar flyover. A few hours later, I realised why.


In a freak accident, a prime mover ran over a road divider and jumped into oncoming traffic in the opposite direction, according to a Straits Times Breaking News article. Unfortunately, a 12 year old girl was flung out of the cab and was ran over by traffic. She was reportedly not wearing a seat belt.


The girl succumbed to her injuries at Changi General Hospital at around 11 a.m. It was said that the truck was overloaded past its seating capacity but I’m not too sure about it. Reports stated that the family was enroute to a Hari Raya visit.


It’s indeed sad that a girl so young succumbed to a road accident especially on this important day. My condolences to the family in this time of bereavement and grief. May her soul rest in peace.


And for the rest of the drivers out there, perhaps it would help if one could stay alert along your journey. I’m not pointing the blame at anyone here but just PERHAPS if oncoming drivers could swerve in time, a life could have been saved.


Nevertheless, what got me worked up and inspired to post this was replies on a STOMP article. I won’t link the article here but I’m sure you can find it yourself. We all do know that trailers and prime movers love to speed, especially around Jurong West and West Coast Highway area. If you don’t believe me, take a drive down there and you’ll realise what I’m talking about.


These drivers need to realise that their truck brakes are not customized to heavy braking, especially when there is a container in tow behind them. There is a limit as to why LTA capped the speed limit of these vehicles to 60 km/h, BECAUSE THEY ARE HEAVY VEHICLES AND ARE NOT SUITABLE TO GO AT HIGH SPEEDS! What is so difficult to understand here?


So, I’m not saying that the driver in question of this accident sped. But just because this fact about prime mover drivers was pointed out, I saw a flurry of comments which left me quite outraged at the sensibility of our people here in Singapore. (OK this does not apply to ALL of you but yes there’s this bunch of you idiots who need to wake up and realise that hurling vulgarities at people on forums won’t work.)


I’m just pasting the two comments which caught my attention, and felt that they deserve to be educated properly. Yes you might have a point in the fact that a previous comment was not phrased tactfully, but is there a need to question as to whether he has the right to comment or asking who the ‘f***’ was he?


I’ve always maintained this stand and I will still maintain it: While STOMP is hilarious to read at times due to the incoherent posts that people will inevitably make your day by posting (about aunties hogging seats and ‘chope-ing’ tables with tissue), there’s this bunch of uneducated people out there who think they can make it big by hurling vulgarities on forums. Let me tell you why it won’t work:


1) You work via nicknames, or rather, log-in names. Nobody knows who you are. So instead of trying to act big and gangster-ish by hurling four letter words at each other, why not make the forum a more useful place to send condolences like what other people are doing?


2) Ironically, take a look at the first comment I posted: Now, I didn’t say your job was a low-class hooligan like job did I? You admitted it yourself. People need to filter their words before they type it out. Perhaps the installation of a filter is too expensive?


All in all, I feel STOMP is a great mistake. Yes, it allows and encourages for citizen journalists to surface. But look at what you get… the uncouth and ugly side of society. Whatever happened to courtesy and kindness movement the government implemented? Wake up people!


2 thoughts on “Prime movers…

  1. haha, thanks for speaking up. yea, he admiitted his folly. LOLs. Anyway, its fine, im not really affected, everyone can air their views too. yea, apart from the fact he used vulgarities though. haha

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