Top 10 Must-Have Applications for iPhone! (Part 1)

Most people buy their iPhones for games – you know, exciting stuff like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and Speedy Pigs… etc Although I do have an iPhone, truth is I seldom use it for games, and that always give rise to a lot of questions from my friends. People will start asking me: Then why do you buy an iPhone?
Well, answer is: I use their utilities :)

The iTunes store and other third-party stores have an awesome range of applications worth considering, and even though some may require you to fork out perhaps US$4.00 or so, I believe it’s worth it! So, I’ve decided to compile a list of Top 10 iPhone applications any iPhone users must have!

Disclaimer: I’m posting this from my personal point of view – and this will just serve as a review of the 10 applications I deem most awesome ever on iTunes store. And yes, it includes some applications that serves as driving aids. So if you’re not a driver, perhaps it’ll be quite redundant for you :)

Disclaimer 2: Some applications are paid – they will be stated below.

1) Google Calendar

Unlike most others who will pen their appointments and meetings down on their hard copy calendar booklet they carry everywhere, I prefer mine online. And in addition, I sync my appointments together with Kaishi’s. So, there’s a need for an instantenous update and viewing of both our calendars – thus my choice of Google Calendar!

You may have heard of the web version of Google Calendar, as shown below.

But for those out there who are particular about keeping tabs on appointments online on the go, visit it on your iPhone, scroll down and you’ll see a tab that installs the application on your iPhone.

It’s simply the simplified version of whatever’s on the web viewed on a computer screen! Dates, time, calendar to select, reminders… etc it’s ALL THERE! Just enter your information, click SAVE and it’ll all be there – what’s more, set a reminder and you’ll get an SMS alert together with a pop up at the time stipulated!

Google Calendar is free for download and installation via the online web site.


Before I start, this is a PAID application. And now that I’ve said that, it’s just a replica of the online website. You can use it to find directions around Singapore on your iPhone. If you’re lost, you can use it to search for a place, as well as browse a list of useful facilities and amenities around you!


Photos | iTunes Store

Simply key in your location and it’ll map out the fastest way possible there via bus, train + bus, taxi and even via car! Oh, did I forget to mention, they include ERP charges too, in case you’re cabbing down or driving down! is a paid application developed by GoThere LLP and is available at iTunes Store at US$2.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, and runs with iOS 3.0 and above.

3) iLights

This is a must-have in my opinion. Hate getting home in the dark but don’t want to switch on the lights in case you disturb your parents? Or ever ventured into a very dark place where there are no light sources around? Download iLights and you’ll see the way more clearly! (pun not intended!)

Simple interface on iLights allows you to select On/Off/Strobe and of course, strobe intensity (to make your iPhone look like a miniature police car)


iLights is a free software from iTunes Store, developed by Appmosys LLC. It runs only on iPhone 4 and requires iOS 4.0 and above.


4) Spend

Feel like you’re splurging too much on junk food or unnecessary items? Or you’re just on a tight budget this month? Fret no more! The Spend application allows you to keep track of your expenses and even works on a custom budget set by you!

Simply set a budget for the week/month, and keep track of every expenditure you make or savings you incur! You can keep track of your finances whenever and wherever you are – without the usage of Internet!


Spend is a paid application available for download from the iTunes Store at US$0.99 (a reasonable price for saving money!). It is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads, and requires iOS 3.0 and above to function.


5) Parking @ SG

Unfortunately, this application is no longer available on iTunes but there’s a similar version online – Park-A-Lot Lite {SG}. Similarly, it allows you to track the parking charges of a particular shopping mall or area, and even allows you to check how many lots there are left! (3G data connection required of course).


Park-A-Lot Lite {SG} is available for download on iTunes Store for free. It’s developed by NiiDees LLP, compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Park-A-Lot Lite requires iOS 3.2 or above to function.



As usual, I always tell myself to try and keep everything into one post when doing ‘Top 10’ posts, but I always fail to. So, here’s Part 1 for you -Part 2 will come tomorrow :) Enjoy!


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