Projects, projects and more projects…

Somehow this semester seems so packed with projects as compared to previous semesters… I recall Year 2 Semester 2 when half our cohort was away on exchange and the seniors were off at internship. The school was so quiet and we were enjoying bits and pieces of whatever time we have together, playing RC cars and chasing each other across the third floor corridor, feasting on KFC’s Super Tuesday meals…


Now, the school is buzzing with life, with everyone back from exchange and internship (maybe most of them back, some are still overseas). I love the buzz, but together with the buzz somehow comes a whole lot of projects. No they’re not related nor linked, but the amount of projects this semester is CRAZYYYYYY.


I thought 401 would be a huge burden off my shoulders once we submitted our report. I was wrong. Looking at the tight deadlines in the next two weeks, it’s two weeks of hell all along, continued by a week of mugging and then exams are here :(


Here’s my list so far… I’m still looking forward to striking more off!


1) COM 401 Report

2) COM 428 Presentation 3 (due this Wednesday)

3) AAI 486 Music and Acoustics Presentation (this Friday)

4) AAI 486 Music and Acoustics Personal Essay (due next Friday)

5) COM 433 Corporate Communications Report (due in two weeks)

6) A whole lot of Connexscions photographs I have to chase, edit and hand to my fellow designers…


Sigh… when can I ever get down to studying properly?


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