Top 10 Must-Have Applications for iPhone! (Part 2)

Ok, so as promised, here’s the second part (the next 5) of my top 10 must-have applications for iPhone users!




6) SG NextBus


For those who are impatient while waiting for buses, or simply cannot afford to spend 10 minutes waiting for a tortoise-speed-like SBS bus, maybe you could spend a minute downloading SG NextBus!

On SG NextBus, you will be able to track, with respect to your location, the buses available and their estimated times of arrival (ETA). Sometimes it’ll tell you if it’s a new Volvo Olympian wheelchair access bus too (those with the flat-floor and refurbished interior) – those will be listed with a (WAB) by the side of their respective ETA.


Can’t find your bus stop, fret not! SG NextBus also allows you to key in the bus stop number found on top of any bus stop sign boards and it’ll load your buses available in an instant!


SG NextBus is available for download on iTunes Store for free. It is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches (3G connection required) and iPads, and requires iOS 3.0 or above.


7) Traffic @ SG

This, I feel, is a definite must-have for drivers. It comes in handy in allowing you to check traffic jams and accident locations prior to departing for your destination!


Besides heavy traffic information, it also allows you to check out your ERP rates along your way at the point in time, and offers you a travel estimator calculator too, so that you won’t be late for your appointments! Of course, 3G data will be needed.


Traffic @ SG is available for free on iTunes Store. It is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches (Wi-Fi or 3G data connection required) and iPads, and requires iOS 3.0 or above to function.


8) TrafficAlert

Now for drivers who are more cautious with traffic police and absolutely detest those white clothed people issuing out parking summons everywhere, this application will be useful for you!


Traffic allows you to track traffic police alerts and traffic jams all around the island! Of course, some details will be fictional, thanks to idiots who post for fun, but most of the time, the ratings below the alerts give them away. Oh, did I mention it reflected road blocks yesterday night at 1 a.m. too? Awesome eh? (Though that’s not a reason for you to drink and drive!)

Also, warn other motorists when you spot Traffic Policemen hiding on overhead bridges setting up speed traps! Yes you’re not allowed to use phones while driving – but when you pull over or stop at the lights, spend a minute (watch for traffic!) and key in the details to warn fellow motorists! You can also report jams too!


TrafficAlert is available for free on iTunes Store, and requires iOS 4.0 and above. It is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches (3G data or Wi-Fi connection required) and iPads.


9) Camera+

I love this application, but sadly, I can’t seem to find it on the iTunes Store anymore! It allows for editing of pictures, like setting the flash balance, colour balance, and even allows me to apply different styles and moods to the picture!


This is a paid application, but sadly, I can’t find it anywhere. Do search for it if you’re keen to use it – doesn’t cost much though…


10) Autostitch

Previously, I used to grumble that I can’t capture a wide enough frame with my iPhone 3GS. Now with Autostitch, I can shoot various shots of an entire length of view and stitch them together into a panoramic picture!

Second photo courtesy of iTunes Store.



So there you go – 10 must have applications if you hold an iPhone (but of course, IMO only) :) Enjoy!




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