“Live Life in the Clear!” with Crizal Lenses!

Two weeks ago, when I came across the new Crizal technology lenses by Essilor, I was quite skeptical even though I blogged about it (you can read the previous blog post here). I kept wondering to myself – how is it possible that a spectacle could be resistant to fingerprint smudges and repels water and dust?


Thanks to the peeps from Vibes Communication and Essilor Singapore, I was fitted with a pair of Crizal lens spectacles last week! Being the anal me who pays particular attention to every single dust particle that lands on my spectacles or laptop screen, I was quite excited to test out the new technology! And hey-ho, guess what? Crizal indeed lives up to its claims!

Fitted my lenses at Capitol Optical (Raffles City). The staff there are really friendly! Photo | Irwin Tan

Huiting from Vibes Communication demonstrating the water-repelling function of the Crizal lens. Photo | Irwin Tan

Me with my new Crizal lens spectacle!

And if you’ve noticed, Crizal advertisements are building up prominence in shopping centres, and their teasers are also playing in cinemas before movies. Here’s another teaser from Essilor about the new Crizal lens!


So I did up an intensive review of the said functions, and compared it with my old spectacles which are probably more than 3 years old.

Fingerprint and Smudges

No more fingerprints! Well, not 100% gone I would say, but it’s a huge improvement from any other ordinary plastic or glass lenses you get at the optician. Sure, your fingerprint will be there if you were to rub your nose after a day out and deliberately press down on your lens, but Crizal’s in-built smudge repellant eliminates most of these occurrence! To prove it, I’ve embedded a video of a hands-on demonstration I did with both my spectacles!

Amazing eh?

Water-Repelling Function

For those who engage in frequent watersports activities, this will come in useful! However, as I’ve mentioned above in the ‘Fingerprints and Smudges’ section, you can’t expect a 100% repelling function on Crizal lenses. However, it does assist in water to “slide” off your lenses faster than ordinary glasses – and will definitely come in useful. You will never need to worry about experiencing blurred vision on a rainy day, and will be able to enjoy the clear and beautiful scenery if you’re out para-sailing or canoeing.

Here’s a short demonstration again!


I’ve never actually documented the reflection-elimination ability of the Crizal lens, but it definitely helps, especially since I spend most of my travelling time behind a wheel. If you’re always complaining about staring straight into bright red brake lights of other vehicles while at a traffic light or stuck in a jam, Crizal lenses will eliminate these reflections, and enhances your vision and comfort!

No Dust!

Or rather, minimal, again I would say. Don’t expect 100% elimination of dust particles – definitely some will be stuck on the glasses at any point in time! Standard lenses attract dust because of static electricity, which is more prevalent when we rub a piece of tissue paper across the lens. However, the anti-static properties of Crizal helps keep dust and grit particles at bay, allowing you to enjoy crisp and clear vision all day long!

Huiting from Vibes Communication did a demonstration using styrofoam balls enclosed in a box demonstrating the dust-repelling ability of the Crizal technology:

It’s a little hard to see but if you notice carefully, there are more styrofoam balls stuck to the surface of the non-Crizal technology box compared to the Crizal technology-enabled side. Photo | Irwin Tan

I tested this personally by rubbing a piece of tissue paper over two different lenses. Spot the difference :) Photo | Irwin Tan

No Scratches!

Scratches will ultimately affect your vision – you can’t deny that. My current pair of spectacles have been scratched beyond control, although I could swear that I’ve never mistreated it or thrown it around and scrapping it across rough surfaces. However, Crizal’s scratch resistant and easy-care lenses are ideal of all who engage in an active lifestyle! (That doesn’t mean you can simply throw your lenses around though!)


Types of Crizal Lenses available

Of course, Crizal allows you to customize your lenses according to your needs. The table below shows the different stages of lenses available.

Crizal offers three stages of lenses suitable for customization needs.

Prices range from S$60 for the Crizal Standard, S$90 for the Crizal Easy and S$110 for the Crizal Advanced. Graphic | Vibes Communication

Also, if you have a high degree of myopia, long sightedness or astigmatism, fret not! Crizal will be able to customize a suitable pair of lenses for you too, although prices might range a little higher from S$500 for a degree of 800 with astigmatism.

Crizal’s Certificate of Authenticity

For every Crizal lens purchased, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity from Essilor, and your lens comes with 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects (this does not include scratches you inflict as a result of test comparison or negligence though!)

 Photo | Irwin Tan


Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my Crizal lens, being the ‘anal’ me who cannot stand having a speck of dust particle on my glasses at any point in time! Try out the new Crizal lens at any optician now!


About Essilor Singapore

Founded in 1972, Essilor is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coating and dispensary technologies. Premium eyeglass lenses from Essilor are the result of more than 150 years of advanced research, innovation and technology.

Essilor offers a wide range of lenses under the flagship Varilux®, Crizal®, Essilor® and Definity® brands to correct myopia, hyperopia, presboypia and astigmatism. The company has subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and is represented in more than 100 countries with major production centers in Europe, North and Central America and Asia.

For more information, visit www.essilor.com.sg


22 thoughts on ““Live Life in the Clear!” with Crizal Lenses!

  1. I know this is old but I will be getting my pair of Crizal Lenses sometime this month and I wanted to know which pair you recieved at that time?

    Since you last posted that list of available Crizal Lenses, there have been more added:

    There is now Crizal Sapphire & Crizal SunShield.

    I also found that they have sunglasses too:

    Thanks ;)

    • Hi Riz

      Thanks for the comment. When I got mine, it was equivalent to the Crizal Avance on the US website. However, in Singapore, it is the standard kind now, and it comes with protection from all 5 ‘enemies’. I do not remember seeing any Sapphire or SunShield in Singapore. You may check out their range here:


      However, if you’re not based in Singapore, I guess you have a better range to choose from. The SunShield looks fantastic, giving protection to the most ‘enemies’! Hope that clarifies your queries :)

      *PS: Mine is a transition coated one, you may consider getting that!

  2. I used the contact form on the Crizal website to try to determine which opticians in my area offered this product. They took one week to respond and then simply instructed me to use Google search. I’ve decided that, with such lousy customer service, the product really can’t be that great.

    • Sorry to hear of your unfortunate encounter with Crizal. I would suppose that in this case, Crizal only acts as the distributor but does not assist people in finding their shops (locally, almost every single optician carry Crizal lenses already). It would technically be impossible for them to keep track of these retailers individually.

      I’m not a Crizal staff, neither am I siding with them, but just my two cents worth. I’ve been getting nothing less than good reviews from all Crizal users so far. :)

      • I think they are terrible. They have arrived twice with scratches already in one of the lenses. Waiting for it to arrive for the third time. My other lense arrived non scratched but now has a scratch in it. I have had my other glasses without Crizal for 2 years and does not have a scratch in it. I also think they do smear really easy. I constantly have to clean them. NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!

      • Hi Wendy,

        I am sorry to hear of your encounter with Crizal lens. If I may, I think I should point out that Crizal lenses are labelled Scratch Resistance and Smudge Resistance, not scratch proof. Definitely not suggesting the wrong usage of your spectacles but handling may play an important part in this aspect. I have had no problems with my pair since they were procured last year, and so does many of my followers / friends who were recommended to Crizal.

        It is indeed unacceptable that Crizal sent you the spectacles scratched twice. However, perhaps do give them another chance, of course, perhaps with greater handling and care :) Cheers.

  3. Hi Irwin. Nice blog man. Go for Crizal (A2) AIRWEAR. Bought them on my trip to India few months back, and the lens are amazing! A2 is name given for a special coating on the lens. Airwear is a very thin version of the lens, its tough and won’t break even if you ‘accidentally’ step on them. Cheers! d.

    • Hi Dinesh,

      Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear the Crizal lens is working well for you. Mine is the older version of the all-in-one, kindly sponsored by Crizal. Will try out the A2 Airwear as recommended by you the next time I need to replace my spectacles!

      Enjoy your specs! Cheers!

  4. I find it difficult to believe that you are not affiliated with Crizal or any spectacle distributor from your over enthusiastic comments… Even though I do not doubt that Crizal lenses have the features that you claim, I find it suspicious that there exists another blog post having similar content as this one, even up to mentioning the same sales person and same shop. See: http://lovelivfe.com/2011/06/23/crizal-the-happiness-of-a-bespectacled-girl/

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am certainly in no way affiliated with Crizal. If you still have doubts, I invite you to write to Crizal for enquiry and to run a check against my name. May I highlight that this is an advertorial post, which means that Crizal has reached out to me (and of course, a number of bloggers) via authorized dealers and opticians, to review their lenses. Capitol Optical happens to be one of the authorized opticians where we carried out our reviews and got our spectacles, hence the same staff names and shop. Most blog reviews work this way in current day social media, FYI.

      Hope this clarifies.

  5. Awesome Review Man, I am very OCD about keeping my current glasses clean and have found it to be imposabal and they make me very mad and my biggest problem ith them is the weather and dust. Ii have looked into getting Lasik done but have oppted to find another solution to my issues as Lasik is not as safe as I was lead to believe. And Crizal seems to be a very nice solution and I am very excited about them and when I get some money together I’m planning on geting some Crizal Lenses as I would pay a few hundered dollars just to end my suffering with my crappy glasses : ) Thanks Again for your review ;)

  6. In my personal experience I believe that Crizal lenses are the greatest thing since ice cream. I have had mine for 2 1/2 years now with no problems. No scratches and I clean them about every 2-3 days. I love them. Just had my eye exam today and sorry to say I have to get new lenses. The frames are great, they are silhouettes. Super light along with the Crizal lenses they feel like you are not wearing any glasses. Crizal are #1 in my book!!

  7. I do not agree with the smudge resistance claims of Crizal lenses. I have a smudges on my lenses which is 2 years old. Yes, my young niece smeared her fingers on my glasses once. I can clean the smudges off, but they come back in a few hours. I wrote to Crizal and they responded to talk to the optician who sold me the coating. I spoke the optician, and they just gave me lens cleaner. No help. I’ve written back to Crizal, but no reply just yet (it’s only been a day).

  8. I bought the Crizal lenses, and yes they are good for the lights at night but for anything else I don’t think so. They still smudge all the time I have to be careful if I touch them or even when my son touches them. Sometimes I have a problem getting the smudges off and forget about the beach that is even worse. The water does not repell off of them as they show on the commercial. I also didn’t know they come in 3 different types of glasses and my eye doctor didn’t tell me that. I might have the standard but not sure.

    • Hi Isabel, I don’t think there is much difference between the standard and other levels of lenses. Yes I must agree that water doesn’t repel as quickly as in the adverts and smudges are inevitable, but I must also add that at least for me, it worked much better than my other glasses!

  9. I got my crizal lenses going to drive my bus tonite with them for the first time looking forward to seeing if they really work,my old ones glared bad with on coming traffic so im hoping these work better.Sounds like they are getting positive reviews will post tomoro after i drive tonite.

  10. I have read about 50 comments/recommendations about the Crizal lenses. The one thing I am having a problem w/is: 1) Are these lenses glass, plastic or some new type of material. 2) Is the Crizal lenses just a coating that gets applied to them. In all the reviews i’ve read about them some make it sound like its just a coating that gets applied to them and not actually a new type of glass or plastic in use to making the Crizal lens. All in all more than 75% of the reviews i’ve read all give the Criizal lenses very good marks. I was looking for some reviews on how much better the lenses are from their Basic lenses to their Mid-grade and finally their Premium lenses.

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