Study. Do your work!

I’ve been doing this for the past 4 semesters – although it always seems to have minimal effect on me. But nevertheless, with most projects getting out of the way and exams drawing near, it’s a must-have on my laptop screen to continuously remind me to study :(


Prior to this series of ‘unholy’ wallpapers, I used to feature an array of pictures I took over the past few years as my wallpaper. But a few weeks ago, I decided this would be better in motivating me to study:



Then, I realised staring at a black background daily will only cause depression to set in sooner or later. So, I managed to find this wonder on Top Gear’s website:


Photo | Top Gear


Yes, for those who don’t know, it’s a beautiful silhouetted picture of the new BMW M3 – downloaded from Top Gear’s Wallpapers website. So, with a little bit of photoshop, I got this:



Study Irwin! It’s only 26 days to freedom!


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