Apple vs Creative

Of course, being an Apple fan and a Mac/iPhone/iPod Touch user, I won’t bother comparing these two brands together.


However, a trip to Creative Service Centre at International Business Park left me wondering about the service standards set by both giant retailers – Apple (based in Cupertino) and Creative (a local brand in Singapore).


I sent my girlfriend’s earphones in for servicing. The earphones, for some apparent reason, was faulty with its metal ‘male’ adapter crooked. This caused temporary disruptions while listening to music, a very irritating syndrome indeed. Not that I remember it dropped before, but somehow it just became like that.


So, we sent it in on Friday after Music & Acoustics. The showroom and service centre was surprisingly empty – there were probably only 10 customers around. Perhaps it’s because of the isolated area it’s located at (think of it – who in the right mind would stroll to IBP just to buy headphones or speakers?)


A 3 minute explanation and the service staff keyed in the problem, headed to the store, and guess what? He came out with a brand new set! No questions asked, no investigations done (other than him meddling with the earphone for a while when I passed to him.)


Awesome eh?


Creative thumbs-up!


Now if only Apple would do the same :P


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