The Goodness of YIFON Bottled Mushrooms!

Mouth-watering, quality instant mushrooms in a bottle!

When you hear someone mention ‘mushrooms’, the first thing that comes to your mind is…

Photo Internet


Correct? Don’t deny it!



But that wasn’t what I was going to talk about!!!


Now, with this latest product in the market, you’ll never need to fret about cooking mushrooms and thinking of what to compliment it with before you savour the delicacy anymore!







*further drumroll…*















Available in a palate of six different mushrooms and flavours, YIFON guarantees you’ll be spoilt for choice! No cooking required, no preparation required, just dish them out, grab a fork or spoon, and indulge in the savoury of these wonders!


Thanks to the peeps once again at Vibes Communication, I managed to get a first hand review on these mushrooms! I’ve never imagined mushrooms being able to be consumed right from the bottle until now! So, I took them home …


Before I actually begin reviewing it, here’s an attempted studio shot I took at home…



Asked my parents if they could cook porridge and rice to test the mushrooms out and they willingly agreed! Hooray!


But first, before I embark onto the feast, let me introduce you to the various bottles I have…


1. YIFON’s Assorted Mushrooms

YIFON’s assorted mushroom comes with po-ku mushrooms, golden mushrooms and button mushrooms!


2. YIFON’s Bailing Mushrooms

They look like cubes to me, but are surprisingly nice!

The spicy version of the Bailing mushrooms…


And the non spicy ones…


3. YIFON’s Golden Mushrooms


4. YIFON’s Nameko Mushrooms


and lastly…

5. YIFON’s Teatree Mushrooms!



Ok, enough with the introductions. So as I was saying, my parents gladly cooked both porridge and rice using brown rice (apparently it’s more healthy although I still think it tastes the same and is the same… hahaha). Dad bought a box of mouth-watering duck from the Food Expo and we decided to test the mushrooms out as part of our dinner dish!


Wonderful spread for dinner that night…


With YIFON’s bottled mushrooms, you no longer need to fret about cooking or wasting time preparing it together with other dishes!


You can either eat them with porridge…


Or you could eat them with rice!


OR, if you’re more adventurous, try something like eating them together with poh-piah!


Kaishi enjoying her poh-piah with YIFON’s assorted mushrooms!



Now on to reviews – the part which most of you are waiting for before you part with your money…


1) YIFON’s Bailing Mushrooms (Non-Spicy)

Personally,  I feel that this bottled mushroom is the BEST among all six I reviewed. I love the taste of the mushrooms as well as the texture. (I swear it feels like you’re eating abalone!) For those of you who have eaten vegetarian tao-key, this probably tastes a tad like that!

Saltiness: 4 / 5

Spiciness: 1 / 5
I can barely taste any tinge of spiciness inside this!


Suitable for:
Plonk yourself down onto your sofa, pick up YIFON’s Bailing Mushrooms and start chewing away!



2) YIFON’s Bailing Mushrooms (Spicy)

This will probably taste the same as the non-spicy mushroom reviewed above, except for a tinge of chili. If you’re a sucker for spicy food and yet wish to just simply chew on something, here’s your pick!


Saltiness: 4 / 5

Spiciness: 3 / 5

Suitable for:
Same as above – just pick up and chew! But I’m sorry – I think the non-spicy one’s nicer :P




3) YIFON’s Golden Mushrooms

This is spicy yet refreshing! Kaishi enjoyed this! I didn’t. I’m not a chili fanatic, but I have to admit this mushroom tastes awesome! Feels rubberish and has a texture the same as jellyfish in cold dishes though…

Saltiness: 3 / 5

Spiciness: 5 / 5

Suitable for:




4) YIFON’s Teatree Mushrooms

This tastes fibrous! It’s super chewy – like you have to chew a gazillion times before you can swallow it! Tastes nice though – but given its chewy nature, I don’t think it’s a good idea to share this with old people… It’s all stalks, no umbrellas or whatever you call the top flowery part of the mushroom.


Saltiness: 3 / 5

Spiciness: 2 / 5
I can barely taste any tinge of spiciness inside this too!

Suitable for:

Eating with rice. I’m serious. Don’t try porridge on this. It makes it tastes weird.




5) YIFON’s Assorted Mushrooms

Honestly, HONESTLY, this tastes like canned food. No offence though, but it’s too plain and has no taste. It’s a mix of three different kinds of mushrooms, but doesn’t seem attractive enough for my liking.

Saltiness: 1 / 5

Spiciness: 0 / 5

Suitable for:
This is IDEAL for people who are sick and need to go on a plain diet. No salt, nothing whatsoever. Of course, if you don’t like salty stuff, this is your pick. :)





6) YIFON’s Nameko Mushrooms

This is a tad spicy too, though it probably tastes the same as the Teatree mushrooms. Nothing impressive, I’ll still stick with my non-spicy Bailing mushrooms anyday :)


Saltiness: 3 / 5

Spiciness: 3 / 5

Suitable for:
Enjoy it with porridge or rice. OK, RICE I would say. Porridge probably makes you look like a sick patient.







I think these mushrooms are great – although I’m sure people will have their individual preferences. As you might have noticed by now, I love Bailing’s non-spicy mushrooms. IT TASTES LIKE ABALONE! I SWEAR!

No that’s not the reason for me liking it though.

YIFON’s mushrooms are great with both porridge or rice, as I’ve mentioned, but I still think rice would be a better compliment, after reviewing it with both.

Poh piah’s not a bad idea too, although you can be more adventurous with the following suggestions…

– Sandwich? I’m not too sure if anyone would be daring enough to try this…

– Fry the mushrooms with vegetables or minced meat? Add in the mushrooms at the last minute just to stir it and allow a blend of flavour to overwhelm your dish.


On a cautionary note, do remember to keep your mushrooms in the fridge after consumption! There may not be a label on the bottle saying ‘Keep Refrigerated’, but it’s best to take precautions lest it turns mouldy! It’s also not a good idea to eat them on the spot without rice or porridge (other than Bailing mushrooms I would say), cos of the layer of oil found in it. Don’t believe? Take a look…

See why I say it goes well with rice?


Oh, and if you guys are interested, up-and-coming Mediacorp artiste Zhou Ying is the face of YIFON’s bottled mushrooms! Zhou Ying was chosen as the face of the brand given her healthy and fresh appeal, as well as her strong star qualities, which are in line with YIFON’s values of freshness, versatility and quality.


I came across this shoot of Zhou Ying endorsing the mushrooms and I decided to do one myself too! HAHA!!!



I can be an artiste too! Ok just joking! HAHA.


In conclusion, I think this is indeed a one-of-its-kind product launched so far – great for people from all walks of life! Try it out now! YIFON Bottled Mushrooms are available at all major supermarkets at a retail price of S$1.95 per bottle!




YIFON is the house brand for Yit Hong Pte Ltd, which has been in business since 1954. The company is the sole agent for the import and export of canned food from China to Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Brands distributed by Yit Hong Pte Ltd include the “Narcissus” Brand, which is awarded the Number 1 brand in the Canned Meat and Mushroom category in the independent retail audit by AC Nielsen. Yit Hong also holds the sole distributorship to other popular brands such as “Ma Ling” and “Codfo”.


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