Yayyy to a new Macbook battery.

A week ago, my laptop suddenly switched itself off after a tedious session of COM 401 tutorial. When I finally managed to get it up and running again, it prompted me to change my battery and send it in for servicing, and happily shut down on me again >.<

So, needless to say, I rang Apple’s hotline and escalated the case, seeking any available sources of remedy there might be out there. Exams are in two weeks, I can’t afford to have my laptop die now.

Was directed to Sapura Service Centre @ Funan Digital IT Mall, where I sent the battery in for inspection, and they gladly replaced one for me! Not on the spot though (if they did that on the spot, I’d rate them 11 out of 10 stars!) It came with a nice plastic casing for the battery, but I doubt I’ll use it anyway since the battery will always be in my laptop.

New battery with 0 cycles :)


AppleCare rocks, considering the service quality and quantity that I’ve benefited from it :)

Let’s hope this battery can last a whole new 6 hours without charging. Now for the 8 hours charge…


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