Semen mixed in drink!? Cane him!

What is the world coming to!? Or rather, what is Singapore coming to, that even these kind of cases are making its unholy and unfortunate debut here in our society!?


This article appeared on Channel NewsAsia this evening, reporting that a civilian officer with the Singapore Police Force allegedly mixed his own semen into the drinks of two of his colleagues.


“35-year-old Sim Keng Tee, who was a civilian officer at the Singapore Police Force, admitted that he committed the offences between February 21, 2008 and April 3, 2008.

Two women who used to work with him drank the tainted water without their knowledge.

The court heard that Sim also recorded them consuming their drinks by using his mobile phone camera. (WTF?!)

The medium-built, bespectacled man then saved the clips onto his personal computer at home.

These acts of mischief only came to light after another female colleague caught him recording an underskirt video of her at their workplace on September 10, last year.

She lodged a police report and the authorities raided his Farrer Road flat soon afterwards.

Officers seized items including such as hard disks and thumb drives from his home and they found the incriminating videos after combing through the files.”


You can read the rest of the report here on Channel NewsAsia’s website.


What is wrong with these people in the world? What pleasure do they derive out of these sick acts!? Can you imagine the poor victims who unknowingly swallowed some of his ‘stuff’? I’d retch to no end if I were them.


In my opinion, 18 months of imprisonment isn’t sufficient for him. If I had it my way, he’d be jailed for years, caned the maximum for his disgusting ‘mischief’ and castrated. Yes. CASTRATED. Singapore should implement a castration act for these people. Name it under some particular section of the Penal Code, best if it’s linked to molest or rape. Or even better, gorge him with some animal semen to make him suffer to the maximum before caning him more.


I’m mean, but I think he deserves it.


He was diagnosed with voyeurism on January this year, which means he “achieves sexual pleasure by spying on people in intimate situations.” What the hell right? And can you imagine if the lady who lodged the report hadn’t discovered him in the first place? God knows how many more people will fall victim to him.


And the worst thing of all is, he works in the Police Force. I’m not generalizing or accusing the Force of anything, but it’s kinda sad that the case is coming from within the organization which protects our peace and ensures our safety and security. I think he must be dealt with more severely, but then again, I’m not the prosecutor, nor am I the judge.


AND WHY ARE YOU COMMITTING THIS OFFENCE IN THE POLICE FORCE!? HELLO YOUR COLLEAGUES CARRY FIREARMS!!! Isn’t it stupid to commit this kind of offence IN OFFICE in the presence of FIREARMS and risk getting your head blown to bits if one of them had lost control!?


Sick. Sick. Sick. CANE THE BUGGER!


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