Starbucks Galore!

I know I know this is a day late, but I only managed to transfer my pictures to my laptop today.


Photo | Starbucks

Went for the Starbucks Christmas Open House 2010 yesterday with Kaishi and Philemon. I shan’t reveal which Starbucks we went to, but the rain helped in limiting the number of people there :) At 4.40 pm, the queue was less than 15 people!



Starbucks Christmas Open House is an annual local event organized by Starbucks, of which they give away free tall-sized drinks (yes, any drinks of your choice!). You can choose to donate back to the Salvation Army (there’s a can placed outside where you can make your donation and help beneficiaries in need.)


The staff there were really hyped up and super friendly! They issued all the guests their beverage menu at around 4.45 pm.


Our orders! We were first in the queue! Phile and myself ordered Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha Ice-blended and Kaishi ordered their Hazelnut Latte.


Kaishi posing with our drinks!


Me and Phile with our Peppermint Frap!


We were also able to purchase the different merchandise at the store.


Thankfully we managed to locate this Starbucks, and considering it was a last minute decision to just pop by to see what it’s all about (it’s my first time at Starbucks Open House!), I would consider us relatively lucky to be able to get our drinks. Of course, we donated when we left, happy and full with the yummy hot and cold caffine rush!


For those who are interested, Starbucks has also released their Christmas 2010 Seasonal Food menu with some really delicious cakes and dishes there! I must head down to try it one day!


Thank you Starbucks!


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