The clock is ticking…

to three things:


1) The start of the dreaded semestral examinations once again…

2) The end of the cursed exams and FREEDOM! (for only a week. Oh thank you again why-oh-gee.)



I’m not religious nor do I celebrate Christmas by caroling or going to church – but I celebrate it by shopping and heading out for a nice nice lunch and dinner! Too bad there ain’t any snow in Singapore…


But for now, before we dream of shopping, caroling or worshipping in church during Christmas Day, it’s just a week more to exams and 17 to the end… sigh.


I’ve always maintained exams are useless. They’re just a week or two long of suffering that sees how well you manage to memorize the entire freaking textbook and vomit all that shit out onto the paper during that 2 damned hours. The fellow who invented examinations need to be shot again and again, over and over in his grave.




17 days to the end of exams. 17 days to freedom. 20 days to Santa Claus day.


Oh CS and L4D2… how I miss you.


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