Pierre Png vs “Kaddy Koh”

I read that online forums were abuzz with anger and criticism rising from a supposedly ‘road rage’ incident that happened on Friday between this *anoynmous* “Kaddy Koh” and Mediacorp Actor Pierre Png.

Photo courtesy of STOMP

“Kaddy” wrote into STOMP complaining that Png had cut into his lane suddenly while travelling on PIE, and after he showed a rude gesture, Png stopped his E-coupe on the right lane of PIE and came out. The Sunday Times ran the story today (I can’t find the HTML link so you can grab a copy at local news vendors), saying that Png claimed he felt a bump and thus alighted to inspect his cars.

Well… enough of story telling. Now for my own opinions on this case.

First and foremost, who is this “Kaddy Koh”? Stop remaining anoynmous “Mr Koh” (or if you’re even a guy at all). Nobody will believe you or your side of the story until you step out and identify yourself. Isn’t it quite pathetic to hide behind a computer screen and rant into what you call the ‘STOMP feedback portal’ instead of stepping up and clearing the air?

Now while I agree that Pierre should not have stopped his car on the right lane of PIE, if he really felt a bump then it would possibly be acceptable for him to stop. Similarly, if YOU felt a bump while travelling on the right lane, you would stop and check if there’s damage to your car also, right? So to those on Sunday Times interviewed who said they won’t stop, come on. Stop lying to yourself and try to make yourself look good. A bump means accident. Means insurance claims. Means potential injuries. Get your priorities right. You should stop, inspect and then after that, move to the left lane to settle insurance claims or personal damages. You should NEVER leave the scene of the accident without taking photos or evidence that the other party is in the wrong. I would stop if someone bumped into me on the right lane of any road, not only expressways.

Thirdly, dear “Kaddy” or whoever on earth you are, you asked for it yourself. I’m not siding Pierre here but the fact was that YOU showed a rude gesture. YOU asked for it. Now YOU‘re the one complaining. This shows a LOT about your character, dude. You should have came out, apologised for the rude gesture and explained why you horned at him or even made the gesture. For all you know, he might not have realised he cut into your lane so suddenly. So why did you hide inside your car?

Png wrote back to STOMP explaining that you’ve showed him the finger. Now I won’t know whose side of the story is true, but this probably teaches all drivers out there a lesson. When someone indicates their intention to change lane, LET THEM GO! It’s not a crime to change lanes, and the fact is that if there’s adequate space in front for him to cut in AND behind you for you to slow down, I simply don’t see any reason why you should not let him in, or worse still, accelerate (in the case reiterated by Pierre that “Kaddy”‘s Honda Civic accelerated). That’s ridiculous.

Singapore drivers, wake up. Learn to be more patient, and learn to be more forgiving. (But of course, not when someone flips you the finger). I think in that case you ought to get things sorted out (By no means of a fight though).

So dear ‘Kaddy’, who are you?


4 thoughts on “Pierre Png vs “Kaddy Koh”

  1. Guess what people? Kaddy Koh is a teacher from Pasir Ris Secondary School…and from what I hear, he’s not very well liked by both staff and students. Boo yah! Looks like our Kaddy friend here ( or is it Caddie? Lol) may most likely be telling a tall tale.

    Seriously… a MOE-employed teacher pointing the finger? Tsk Tsk… it’s no wonder students and teenagers are getting from bad to worse.

    Such a teacher teaching in a neighbourhood school… lol,

  2. hey hey bryan or whatever,if you think that this teacher is no good? why dun you go and teach and show us what does it mean to be a ‘good’ teacher

  3. I believe we shouldn’t pin point any of them. No one actually know the real situation of what is it like. We shouldn’t guess and side anyone down here. A good teacher shouldnt be judged base on this either.

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