Potholes agony…

This is something I’ve been peeved at for quite some time, having gone through a few of them myself on the roads.

So, I decided to read up a little on potholes, and share this with those of you who don’t know what they are, how they’re formed or what sickening damage they can do to your vehicles…


Potholes are what you think they are. Yes. They’re literally holes in the road. They can range from small holes that fit only the size of a 1 dollar coin to those that can swallow vehicles whole! I’m not kidding! Of course, those ginormous ones are not found in Singapore (thank God! I don’t mind it swallowing up some Che** cars but definitely not my Toyota!)

How they’re formed…

Potholes form when rainwater or other liquid flows through the road surface through tiny little pores into the asphalt pavement. When it pours during a thunderstorm, the top layer of the road is soaked, and the composition is weakened, causing clusters of materials to loosen and subsequently removed by moving vehicles. The repeated occurrence of such cycles will eventually result in potholes being formed.

Looks harmless eh? Wait till you drive over them… Photo | Internet


I recall driving over some of these little devils occasionally. Some of them are evident on expressways such as PIE (where the countless HUGEASS lorries and trucks travel) and KJE. CTE wise, I’ve never seen them… weird eh? There’re a couple of them at the PIE Jurong West slip road towards Changi, so be careful when driving around that area.


Army camps always have potholes, for some unknown reason. Perhaps the huge vehicles inside like the 5-tonners and the tractors contribute more to the damage of the roads. I remember Nee Soon Camp has an extremely deep pothole which my friend drove over once, and we literally flew from the seats. *ouch* Another one nearer to the SAF Bands’ White House could be felt even when a 5-tonner drove over it. 5-TONNER MIND YOU. Those massive trucks with god-like suspension in the cabin, and you can even feel them.


Can you believe it? Even THESE 5-tonners cannot survive potholes. Photo | MINDEF



You must be asking… so what about potholes? Are they harmful?


YES THEY’RE FREAKING HARMFUL… especially to your vehicle, if not your health or the shock that you will get when you pass one. Potholes are dangerous.


via Wikipedia:

“If they become large enough, damage to tires and vehicle suspensions occurs. Serious car accidents can occur as a direct result, especially on motorways where vehicle speeds are greater. They are frequently almost invisible to drivers.”


See the reason why? Trust me, if you’ve never went over a pothole before, you won’t know. It feels like someone literally crashed into your vehicle, but from the bottom instead of the rear.


Managed to find some disgusting photos of potholes around the world…

YOU CAN FISH FROM THERE? I wouldn’t want to eat the catches man… Photo | SealWorks


If you still think they’re harmless…

BEAT THIS! Oh, poor pickup truck. Photo | Internet


What to do if you spot potholes?

FIRST, STAY CLEAR. Unless you are out on a scheming mission to destroy your car or enhance it’s damage before you sell it to another owner (HAHA). Stay clear of the pothole, but please check your traffic before you swerve out of the way. I’d rather you damage your suspension and get some traumatic shock than to crash into another innocent vehicle and cause some injury.


Next, if you spot potholes in Singapore, be considerate. Warn fellow motorists. By that I don’t mean you stopping your car and getting out to signal and divert traffic. Don’t be an idiot.


Phone up LTA at their toll-free hotline at 1800-CALL-LTA. That’s 1800-225-5582. Let them know and they’ll direct the relevant agencies to mend the roads.


Help keep our roads safe. Happy driving!



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