Another new Facebook layout?

Facebook recently launched another new layout view – just less than a year after they revamped the entire layout of the website. The last time I remember, they changed it from the very traditional style Facebook layout to this current design, with the introduction of the ‘LIVE FEED’ where people complained a lot. I still don’t understand why people are complaining about the ‘Live Feed’ though – isn’t that the point of social media? Instant updates? Sigh.


Anyway, Facebook unveiled its new Profile page layout just today (I think). Spotted it on my Facebook profile page and I changed it without taking a screen shot of the old one! Dang! Luckily, Kaishi was nice enough to let me use her profile page as a comparison in the photos below! Thanks baby!

Please do understand that due to privacy issues I blurred away most information on her profile. Mine’s completely normal so if you want to stalk me, yeah go ahead here at my profile page! HAHA.


Enough nonsense. Let’s do a small comparison…


The new Facebook Profile Page (top) compared to the old one (bottom). Yes, that Garfield is my profile picture, in case you’re wondering. You have a problem? :P


Basically, Facebook took all important data such as ‘where you’re from, who you’re in a relationship with, where you stay…etcetc’ and dumped it in the top near your name so that people don’t need to click an additional INFO button to view those details. It’s a good change – kind of a summary, but I think it’s too much information for people to digest at one time. Can you imagine those overseas scholars from prestigious universities that has names longer than any other schools in this world?


Studying Civil and Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor Degree with Honours) at the ABCDEFG State Campus of the HIJKLMNOP University of *Don’t Know What* Country.


WOW. Just your school alone takes up two lines. I chose CME (is there even such a course? LOL) cos it just came to my mind. No specific direction at anyone :)


And right below your chunk of information, Facebook now lists out your most recent photos tagged by your friends, as compared to the old layout when you had to click the Photo tab to view them. THEN, comes the part where you can upload statuses and photos.


The news feed is generally the same.


Oh! They revamped the left sidebar (Friends and In A Relationship with…) Now you have HUGE ASS AVATARS / PROFILE PICS of those displayed on your page! As you can see, Kaishi’s profile pic of the tweetie bird is damn huge there. HAHA.


Moving on to friends list… this is your old friend’s list. You have to click the ‘SEE ALL’ button to view this, remember?


Now, when you click on FRIENDS (number count), it leads you to a dedicated page showing you all your friends! WITH HUGE PICS AGAIN! Sometimes I wonder if Facebook is catering to elderly folks with poor eyesight… Imagine them writing in complain letters: Your blardy fonts are way too small! My eyesight gets worse and worse every month staring at Facebook, coupled with the fact that we elderly people are not THAT tech-savvy! Do something!


HAHA. Overactive imagination at midnight. Damn.


So, this is your new friend’s page…


Next, photos. We used to be able to see all photos tagged with the individual albums below. My only complain is that there’s only ONE pathetic ‘filmstrip’ kind of scroll for all your albums, so it takes AGES to scroll and find a particular album, especially if you have hundreds of them like me. Sigh.


Didn’t manage to capture the screen shot of the pathetic small scroll bar of the albums below, but you get what I mean eh?


Thankfully, Facebook invented this!

Cute eh, the Garfield on top? HAHA

That’s about most of the new changes I’ve spotted lah. I don’t know if there’re more, but yeah these are just those that I managed to experiment with.


Facebook seems to be keeping up with the sonic-speed rate of social media updates, and doing the same with their layouts. Just a few months ago, the template was changed to the current one. Then, their font became disgustingly small. And by disgustingly small I mean VERY VERY small. You should have noticed. Now this new profile layout comes.


The new layout is nice in my opinion, but my only complain is that the photos are way too big. Like I said, are they catering to the elderly population that cannot see small words and pictures? Hhaa…


If you’ve not changed your profile page layout and are wondering where to do it, just head to your profile page and there should be a pop up at the top of your browser prompting you. :)


Happy Facebooking!




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