Just 4 days to examinations…

and can you believe it? We’re still not done with a particular module for this semester.


All thanks to a wonderful lecturer whom I shall not name. We have a presentation due this Friday, when some of us in the group have already started some papers. Some of you might know who he or she is.


Why are we having lessons this Friday?




YOU went overseas during curriculum time. And so, we have to stretch our classes to such a miserable date.


How awesome is that? Yeah I know it was reflected in the syllabus right at the start of the semester. I’m not denying responsibility that we failed to check it before Add/Drop, but ain’t this ridiculous? Oh yes, did I also mention being marked down for not attending a make-up class because some of us have other more important lessons than to go there and stretch our god damned lungs?


Oh and guess what comes to my mind when someone mentions this ‘lecturer’ or module?

The epic quote that was passed down from his or her mouth:


“Oh it’s just too bad that we have so many public holidays on Fridays this semester. So classes will still continue next Friday (study break).”




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