Starbuck’s Americano…

In the midst of studying at Starbucks, I decided to head down to grab a drink, lest I get chased away for not having any Starbucks related item on the table.


The drinks I’ll normally call are mainly the chocolate mocha or the Frappuccino blended drinks. But today, I was in the mood for something without milk – something plain. So, under Kaishi’s recommendation, I went for their Caffè Americano…


I’m a Starbucks noob – I don’t really know what they have on the menus and what they actually stand for, so I chose peppermint flavour to go with my Americano, and since the screwed up weather ain’t doing justice to us, I ordered it cold. It was only when I came upstairs that I realised perhaps Americano should be consumed hot, not cold.


via Starbucks:

“To create a caffè americano – a coffee that satisfies the American preference for more sips in every cup – Europeans simply add hot water to their espresso.” (Oh my god)


It was supposed to be a hot drink. Photo | Starbucks Singapore


Unknowingly, I turned it into an iced version that jolts me awake everytime I sip on the straw.

Eeks. And to make things a little more spicy, it tastes even ‘more strange’ with the tinge of peppermint in it. A huge tinge at that… A unique taste, as described by Kaishi – first, you get the strong overwhelming taste of coffee beans, and a split second later, the peppermint floods your entire mouth and sensory glands. >.<


Refreshing, but strange. If you need to stay awake, this is probably the cup to try :)


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