Finding Anti-Virus for Mac?

Look no more!


With Mac computers getting common in our society and markets, there’ll bound to be bastards who will create trojans and worms to attempt to penetrate the ever-resistent Mac platforms. (I really really hate you IT bastards who have nothing to do but to create worms to destroy or steal our data. You’re worse than a bank robber. At least a bank robber comes out in person to steal. You’re hiding behind a god-damned computer. Pussy.)


So anyways, I was recently introduced to this product by Sophos. Some of you might have heard of this before, but few of you would actually realise they have a free Anti-Virus for Mac platforms! Yes free!


Fret no more – there’s Anti-Virus for Mac now! Photo | Sophos Website

I’m not paid to write this, neither is this an advertorial, so this is purely from my own experience on using other Anti-Virus softwares and using Sophos.


What’s so good about Sophos?


Well, first and foremost, it’s FREE! Yes. No strings attached, from what I read though. It’s not a trial product, it’s not a ‘try it and buy it if you like’ kind of stunt.


I think Sophos detects threats and viruses more quickly than any other Anti-virus software. Take for example, when I was in class yesterday, a friend transferred to me some videos for presentation. Sophos detected threats and a few worms inside the thumbdrive immediately and prompted for further action. How good is that?! I’m not sure if Norton does this kind of prompting too but this is definitely one of the first few I’ve seen (coupled with actions suggested and steps to take to remove the worm!)


The threat being spotted on my computer yesterday.


And for those tech geeks out there, if you would like to dissect open the bugger that has been infecting your computer, you can even click on the threat name and all will be explained to you!


Dear Mr Palevo-A, get the f*** out of my computer.

Oh and did you see the ‘Affected OS’ list below? It says ‘Windows’. Yes, that means although it’s present in my Mac, it only destroys stuff on Windows :D One more reason to get a Mac.


What’s more, it is configured to suit Mac’s simplistic design!



If you’re interested to try out Sophos’s Anti Virus for Mac, you can visit their specialised website HERE or their main website HERE.





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