365 days and counting…

Kaishi and I celebrated our first year anniversary today! Yup, it has been 365 days since we first got together – last year on 12th Dec. Before I even go on with this post, some of you might say: aiyoh only 1 year, not as if 10 years – what’s the big deal? Well, at least to us, it’s a big deal. Every month and every year counts. So, if you cannot accept this kind of thinking, that’s not my fault.


ANYWAYS, we went back to the place where we first got together – Marina @ Keppel Bay. For those of you who don’t know, Marina @ Keppel Bay is located within Keppel Island, a lush, beautiful and historic island nestled just after Harborfront and Vivocity. It’s an awesome place with a full marina (for residents at the Carribean @ Keppel Bay and the upcoming Reflections @ Keppel Bay), a club house (that’s Marina @ Keppel Bay) and a huge-ass open space for you to watch sunset or stare out into the Harborfront Harbour Gateway. Yes, if you’re wondering, Virgo does sail past you sometimes – it literally feels like a HDB block floating pass. Kinda scary.


We made a reservation at The Coffee Connoisseur, where we first dined there last year. It’s pretty much the same as other TCC outlets you’ll see around Singapore, other than the fact that they have a different menu termed By The Bay Menu.


TCC at Marina @ Keppel Bay

I ordered Oven-Baked Chicken with Spiced Cream Sauce and Kaishi had their Proscuitto Wrapped Chicken Breast. The Oven-Baked Chicken was one of the first dishes I ordered when I first visited Keppel Island a while back, and still remains my favourite till date. I didn’t take a fantastic liking to the Proscuitto Chicken though, as it’s stuffed with cheese. >.<


Kaishi with her cheese-stuffed chicken :P

TCC’s Proscuitto Wrapped Chicken Breast


Me with my oven-baked chicken.


TCC’s Oven Baked Chicken with Spiced Cream Sauce


Oh yes, did I mention we ordered dessert too? Their Cocoa L’amore is really something to die for, for those chocolate fans. It’s coated with a top later of white chocolate, and holds two layers of milk and dark chocolate below it. Sweet and awesome.


Pardon my iPhone quality pictures. The lighting really was bad.


Marina @ Keppel Bay is indeed gearing up for Christmas already. They even decorated their porch with Christmas lightings and set up a Christmas decoration over their stairway up to the second floor!





And, what’s an anniversary celebration without surprises and gifts? I shan’t reveal what I did or prepared for Kaishi, but I did receive two special items :) I got… firstly, an album (I won’t be posting it here duhz) and secondly… this!



I was kinda surprised and pleased cos a few weeks ago, she asked me which design she should get for herself. But the stupid me at that point in time didn’t realise it might be for our present! Hahaha! But yup, I’m definitely happy, or should I say, MORE than happy with my presents! :) Thank you baby!




No details that are too private or personal here, but I must say this year has been the best year so far. Although things haven’t been smooth all 365 days, I’m glad we pulled through and grew stronger :)


365 days and counting … :)



*Oh yeah… we saw a meteor today! Actually, it’s more like Kaishi saw a meteor. I was kinda slow in reacting >.<




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