Vroom vroom…

I was invited to Overtime’s official launch yesterday at Dempsey Road, together with Philemon, thanks to Vibes Communication. However, before I elaborate more on the launch (sorry lah, still editing pictures so cannot post entry!), I shall blog on what me and Phil did in the afternoon!


Since most of our papers are over (with 1 left next week), we went on a showroom-visiting spree along Alexandra Road! Whee! First stop was Borneo on the list, and we went into the Toyota section. Still the same old cars there, although a Camry costs a disgusting $140,000 now (YOU CAN BUY A MERCEDES C200 WITH THAT HALF A YEAR AGO YOU KNOW?), thanks to the damned COE prices that are sky-rocketing higher and higher with every single freaking bid.


Lexus was relatively boring too, they didn’t even have their IS250 coupe – apparently it was out of stock! And delivery only comes after Chinese New Year. Pui!   So we headed to the next door, and guess what we found in the parking lot?


Tadah! The new Tesla Roadster Sport! Supposedly not-road-legal in Singapore but I’m not too sure if the rules have changed.


Another angle of the Tesla.


Honestly, I don’t know what’s the hype over the Tesla. It’s just an electric car. Ok, maybe a VERY POWERFUL electric car that sounds orgasmic when it launches off from the lights, and maybe it’ll trash your ass. But it isn’t exactly appealing to my eyes. And to be honest, it looks somewhat like an MX-5. Yucks.


Can you imagine your conversation with someone when you drive a Tesla (and he doesn’t have a clue WTF is it)…

You: Hey… how’s it going? Check out my new electric car!

Friend: Hey… I’m fine. Oh the MX-5 has an electric version now?

You: !&#%$(@$*()!?


HAHAHA. I am mean, thank you :)


Nevermind that. So after shooting around the MX5 (oops, sorry) – I meant, Tesla, we headed inside for the real main course.






















I’ve been waiting so long for this moment. Finally, it’s here.

The Bugatti Veyron Super-Sport (front) and the EB-16.4 stock car (rear) at the Singapore showroom.


For those of you who have no clue or idea to what this ‘bug/beetle’ looking like car is, it’s the Bugatti Veyron – the world’s fastest production car now. The Veyron thrased the McLaren F1 to a top speed record of 431.07 km/h, and now comes with a special World Record Super-Sport Edition (in the picture above)! And for those of you power-fans who must know, the Super-Sport carries 1,184 bhp instead of the usual 1,001 bhp in the standard 16.4! So that means you have 183 more horses to smoke that Chery QQ from the lights!!!


*edit: OH AND DID I MENTION: THE SUPER SPORT IS SOLD!!! YES! Sold in Singapore! It’s not road legal, of course. LTA would be bonkers if they allowed this beast on the road. Will probably make even our Murcielago LP640 look like crap. But can you imagine how much it would have cost the owner to just buy this car? *Shudders*


Enough swooning about the power. Oh yes, that’s what Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear loves to do… POWERRRRRRRRR. In his own words, the Bugatti is one supercar that “puts all the others in the shame”. So you can imagine… :D


Here’s a video I found online from Clarkson’s DVD featuring the Veyron. Skip to approximately 0:33 to watch the real thing.



Ok, enough swooning over the Veyron. Another beautiful angle of the Veyron.





MOVING ON (finally right), we left Bugatti and headed for our next stop… Volkswagen! I tested their Jetta 1.4 DSG TSI, which I must say is AWESOME and probably my top car on the ‘must-buy’ list now. :) Reviews about that another time!!


The rest of the day was pretty standard, heading from VW to Hyundai, and then to the back where Ferrari was housed in Komoco’s complex (sadly, no photographs there). We then moved over to Mercedes, played with the S and the new SL a while, and went over to BMW.


Guess what we found there?


The BMW F1 Singapore Grand Prix simulator from BMW World!


We each had 3 laps in it, and  must say it’s indeed a very dizzying experience. The rattles of the simulator chair plus the full concentration of your mind and eyes on the screen in front of you will definitely make you giddy after a few laps. Not a good feeling, but definitely a great experience :)


Yes, that’s Philemon in the driver’s seat there :P





Enough of vroom vroom issues… next up, stay tuned for my entry of Overtime’s official launch, featuring Taiwanese top celebrity and international artiste Lin Chi Ling!


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