“It’s never about work at OverTime!”

Had a rough day at work squabbling with your boss or colleagues?


Or simply just need a place to get away from your daily hectic business life, but yet places like Zouk are too noisy for your liking?


Fret no more!







Head down now to OVERTIME!




Thanks to the peeps from Vibes Communication, I was invited to the grand opening of OverTime Singapore, a popular entertainment hangout that created a huge amount of hype and generated tons of excitement and attention in Malaysia.


Designed for the after-office crowd, OverTime aspires to bring a whole new meaning to ‘After Hours’ enjoyment!


And what’s more, there are TWO outlets rather than ONE, HERE IN SINGAPORE! So you don’t have to squeeze with a lot of people if it’s crowded, especially so since it can get packed on a weekend.


The entrance to the Dempsey Road outlet. It’s situated right smack at a junction, so there’s no reason for you to miss it!


OverTime’s grand opening was officiated by top Taiwanese model and international celebrity Lin Chi Ling (of which I will elaborate more later). But for now, pictures of food and the surroundings :P


Buffet dinner for the invited guests and media peeps that night! The food wasn’t the highlight though, and I felt their fish in particular, was a little too hard. But oh wells, better than nothing!

And what’s more, you get fruits such as pineapples and watermelon to go along with their signature Starker beer!


The interior of OverTime @ Dempsey. The space was rather small, considering the ginormous number of guests that night.


If you don’t wish to be so close to the live band, there’s also the outdoor area for you to chill and eat / drink!


Yes, and so, as I mentioned earlier, the celebrity and spotlight that night was not the beer nor the pub itself, but the Guest of Honour. International celebrity and top Taiwanese model Lin Chi Ling was invited to officiate the opening of the club, and as you know, once these international stars arrive, chaos will break out. Not to say WHEN they arrive. Even BEFORE they arrive, we have fans and guests crowding the red carpet wanting to catch a glimpse of her when she comes (and by fans, I mean non-invited decent fans and of course, how can I leave out the old perverts… You’ll get to see them later, in pictures ;) )


And after an hour of waiting or so…


We were told she’ll arrive in a Lambo – lol. But we managed to guess otherwise. Which star would arrive in a Lambo and attract unwanted attention along the way? Haha. So when this van pulled up, it had to be her…


Was it?








Yes! It’s Lin Chi Ling!

Nah! Here’s for all of you die-hard Lin Chi Ling fans (and hopefully not, perverts) out there.


Lin Chi Ling signing the OverTime board and declaring it open.


Here’s a close up of the board with her signature.


And here’s a preview of how crowded it was after she arrived. And mind you, that’s not even 1/4 the crowd!


Lin Chi Ling and Alan Loh (Head of Entertainment and Marketing) delivering the first pint of Starker Fresh Beer in the traditional German way – hammering the tab into the barrel.


(L) Rising new star Pamelyn Chee and Lin Chi Ling toasting away.
(R) “I think it’s awesome!”


After hammering the beer, she was whisked away to this white tent for exclusive media interviews. Look at the crowd outside the tent, all waiting to catch a glimpse of her.



Ok, moving on from the highlight, OverTime’s launch also saw the delivery of the new Starker Fresh Beer. Derived from the German word that means ‘stronger’, Starker revives the old world style of beer drinking.


Traditionally brewed from malted barley and wheat, the German-style fresh beer has a Malty-sweet taste and fruity hints, and blends delicately with the herbal aroma of the traditional German hops. When left unfiltered and unpasteurised, it gives way to a full-bodied, clean and crisp after-taste that smoothes all the way through to take down the toughest thirst.


Brewed for a shelf-life of only 7 days and served straight from the keg, Starker is best consumed at 3 degrees celsius for maximum pleasure!


There was free flow of Starker beer that night, though I didn’t try it cos I was driving. But apparently it’s good. So head down and get a glass now!



With fellow bloggers Yong Wei and Philemon


Souvenirs courtesy of OverTime – a Starker beer glass and a mock barrel, plus a shirt (not featured here!)



That’s about it for OverTime. But before I go on to the addresses, there’s something that’s itching in my heart that I must bitch about.


You know when celebrities arrive, there will be a whole herd of photographers and fans out there. By photographers and fans, I mean:

  • Normal media personnel with videocams and cameras (us)
  • Die-hard fans (like teenagers) and even a few adults waving pom poms and screaming when they alight
  • AND NOT FORGETTING, desperate men…


Wow. Aplenty I tell you. And if you think they’re part of press, NO! They don’t have invites, they don’t have press passes. I mean, it’s OK if you gatecrash to shoot a few pictures of her when she arrives.


Here they are… all the uninvited guests waiting for her to arrive. Yes, those mosiac faces are the ones. Those unmosiac-ed are innocent and just happen to be in the frame.


And guess what? If shooting a few photos when she arrives (to create hype and probably for some *erhem* use in their own rooms at home), THEY FREAKING STALKED HER ALL THE WAY IN, WAITED FOR HER TO COME OUT AND STALKED HER AGAIN ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE TENT!!!


Seriously, how low can you stoop?


And that’s not the worst. Look here!





From the time she went into the tent, we went back into OverTime to grab food and drinks. 45 MINUTES LATER, when we came out, HE WAS STILL ON TOP OF THE STOOL HAPPILY LICKING THE SIDES OF HIS MOUTH AND SNIPING AWAY!!!


Wah piang eh! I swear you’re a disgrace to men. All the people surrounding him and his gang of ‘photographers’ were looking at them and shaking heads. And he offered the stool to his fellow photographers to climb up and shoot too! :D So you need a 12 freaking megapixel photograph of her up close eh? For what? WHAT?


You’re a disgrace to photographers. I hope I’ll never meet you.




Nevertheless, enough of bad-mouthing people. (Aye, it’s reasonable bad-mouthing ok!)



OverTime Singapore has two branches, if you are interested.


1) OverTime @ Dempsey Hill (Which is the one featured in this post)

Blk 18, 18E, Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677
Telephone: 6472-4388


2) OverTime @ Holland Village

25, Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277684
Telephone: 6465-8368






OverTime is wholly owned by Pattaya Garden Sdn Bhd and the first in Malaysia to serve Starker Beer, the first fresh beer in Malaysia created with German expertise. Ever since the celebrated launch in December 2009, OverTime has expanded rapidly to northern Malaysia and down south to Singapore with more outlets to come in between.


It is one of the very few entertainment outlets in Singapore to offer Starker Beer, the Double Gold Medal Winner in the Asia Beer Awards 2010 under the “Wheat Beer” and “Pilsner” categories. Formulated with German expertise and technology in Malaysia, Starker beer is freshly brewed and imported to OverTime Singapore from the brewery on a daily basis!


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