Ramenplay: A new dining concept from Breadtalk!

What comes to your mind when someone mentions Breadtalk?


Bread right? Don’t deny it.


It’s just bread and bread.


Or at least for me.


But, Breadtalk launched a new dining concept here in Singapore – Ramenplay! Well, I don’t see any relevance of it’s environment or its food to Breadtalk, so I’m not exactly sure of why this was thought of by Breadtalk. Ramen and bread doesn’t exactly blend eh?


Anyways, Kaishi and I dined at Ramenplay last week when we visited Resorts World at Sentosa as a break from our hectic studying for the damned exams. So I thought I’d write up a short review of the food there and the environment.


Entrance of Ramenplay @ RWS


Interior - The huge dining table can be used for a family celebration/function lah!


The other side of the restaurant

Like some other cafes and restaurants such as JustAcia, Ramenplay had their own unique ordering menu where you simply tick and select the quantity of the dish you want and pass the ‘order form’ to any service staff! Efficient and saves time (you don’t have to hurry while the poor waiter stands there looking over you while you decide what to eat).


Efficient Menu Ordering


Kaishi at Ramenplay!


Oh and at every table (or maybe every two tables), they placed a dish of spices that you can choose from to top your ramen or rice with. Spices like Garlic Chips (which are exceptionally fragrant!), Chilli Paste (I heard it’s damn hot) and Stir-Fried Chilli Chives (yucks).


The spices on the table


Kaishi ordered Tonkotsu Ramen while I had the Oyakodon. I can’t remember what the Tonkotsu Ramen was (probably some meat ramen) and mine was a combination of rice + chicken + egg + loads of onions. Yeah, you get the idea. Pictures coming up…


Kaishi's Tonkotsu Ramen


My Oyakodon


On top of that, if you are paying by any POSB/DBS card (debit or credit) and you order two or more ala-carte items, you will get a complimentary set of dangos free! (I prefer to call them meatballs – dangos sound weird).


The complimentary Dangos, or meatballs


Dining there was relatively reasonable, and our meals for two came up to just below $30 (of course, we didn’t order soft drinks, thanks to my stomach, but rather just had hot green tea). It’s probably a nice place to chill after you visit Universal Studios Singapore or the RWS Shopping belt.


If you’re interested, there are several other outlets of Ramenplay in Singapore:


1) Resorts World at Sentosa
(Next to the Casino)
Tel: 6686 2086


2) Junction 8
(Next to MRT)
Tel: 6258 2261


3) NEX @ Serangoon
Tel: 6634 4089


4) 313 @ Somerset
Tel: 6634 0051


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