Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

A blink of an eye and 2010 is coming to an end. Time indeed flies and before we know it, it’s another new year, with new resolutions once again and new goals to meet. Hooray for this year because I’ll see NTU for only half a year, with the first half spent on internship! I’m quite glad that internship is a 6 month stint instead of a 4 pathetic week one like some other schools (what can you exactly learn in 4 weeks? Shredding paper and making coffee?), and the fact that I’m going back to Ernst & Young indeed brightens my year up!


2010 has been an eventful year for me, from the Singapore Airshow to NDP down to YOG and of course, not to forget, a year of happiness and love :) (with more to come, of course!)


I collated a few (ok maybe not a few but quite a bit) of photos I took over the year just as a remembrance as the clock ticks 12, and all that remains of 2010 are just memories. I’m sure you all have your own sweet and bitter memories throughout the year, and like me, will be kept close to my heart.


So, enjoy the pictures, and have a fantastic new year ahead! Happy 2011, everyone!


1) Renovations @ WKWSCI

Our school underwent a bout of hacking and drilling earlier this year, as part of their efforts to make it look good for the ICA in June. Inconvenient, but nevertheless, the end product was much better than the original :)


Renovations at WKWSCI


2) 10th SGDF Competition (24 Jan): Was invited by Joyce to be part of the photography team for this competition! First time shooting Dancesports, and I’m glad the pictures turned out satisfactory (to be honest, a little over my expectations too!)




3) Singapore Airshow 2010 (February): Two years ago, I went to the 2008 show on a trade pass, courtesy of my NS unit. This year, I was there on media accreditation, thanks to Shutterstock and it’s Red Carpet Program!


Near-pass display by the RSAF F16 Falcon and the AH-64D Apache


Inaugural arrival of the new Airbus A330-400F


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong visiting the Airshow


4) Pinnacle @ Duxton (6 March 2010): Thanks to Chronicle, I had the opportunity to visit the new Pinnacle @ Duxton (it was still new then) together with Kaishi on an assignment.



7) 7th Sino-Singapore Undergraduate Exchange Program: Our Chinese counterparts visited Singapore on the first leg of this MOE-PRC collaboration. We hosted them at Sentosa and in May, it was our turn to head over to China!



8 ) Birth of Baby Jonas: I finally became an uncle! (OK that sounds so freaking old lah).


Baby Jonas (probably a day or two old)


9) 11th SGDF: Once again, Kaishi and I supported Joyce and Chin Yaw in the 11th Singapore Dancesport Federation Competition, this time at Raffles Junior College.



10) 7th SSUE (Our return trip to China!)


NTU Contingent at the Forbidden City in Beijing


At the Great Wall of China - damn freaking shag climbing it can?


At the World Expo in Shanghai!


11) WKWSCI Convocation 2008


12) NDP 2010: I can’t be bothered to explain more about this. Saturdays burnt, but indeed a rewarding experience, less a few people whom I shouldn’t have interacted so much with.


Fireworks from the 49th floor of Swissotel the Stamford - thanks to media clearance!


13) Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games: This is the cause of all our short school holidays this time round for NTU students. Thank you YOG, thank you. But aiyah, it was pretty well done I think – well it’s the first time, and it’s done on ZERO-BASED BUDGETING (damn it, 401). Don’t complain so much about money not well spent. If you can do a better job, then step up and do it instead of bitching behind your fucking computer screens.


Fireworks at the Opening Ceremony



Passing of the Youth Olympic Flame

Holding the YOG Flame Torch at the Olympic Village!


14) Visit to Marina Bay Sands: Thanks to Andrew, I had the opportunity to visit the new Skypark at Marina Bay Sands and also his room.


The huge MBS hotel room...


with its kick-ass bathroom and bathtub!


Panoramic view from the Skypark!


15) Penang Trip: Headed over to Penang during the one week September study break to celebrate my aunt’s birthday!


Our family at Penang!


16) Singtel Grand Prix 2010 F1: Kaishi won two tickets to this year’s F1, courtesy of DBS’s lucky draw! My first experience watching and shooting F1 – really not easy when they’re zooming past you at such a high speed!



This was probably the highlight of the night - fire near the Pit!


Kaishi and me at the Pit Grandstand


17) BMW World Singapore


With the BMW M3 GTS


18) iPhone 4 at Marina Bay Sands: Tried out the night photography of the new iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera, stitched together with Autostitch.


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands


19) Connexscions Photo Shoot: Was at the airport with Wilson, Malcolm, Nuraini, Jo Quek and Charlie for a photo shoot for one of our modules when we decided to have some fun!



20) Bugatti Veyron in Singapore! Together with Philemon, I visited Malayan Motors to finally catch the Bugatti Veyron Supersport and the standard EB 16-4 model. The Super Sport has been sold in Singapore (though not registered because it’s not road-legal here).


Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Edition with the EB 16-4 behind it


21) Grand Opening of OverTime @ Dempsey Hill

Thanks to the peeps at Vibes Communication, Philemon and I were invited to the Overtime Grand Opening, where it was graced by international artiste and top Taiwanese model Lin Chi Ling! And here’s a pretty photo to close this entry!


Lin Chi Ling arriving at the launch

Goodbye 2010.


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