Yong Heng Teochew Porridge Restaurant @ Suntec

Many of us won’t really notice if we stroll past Yong Heng Teochew Porridge Restaurant when we step into the Suntec City Food Terrace at basement 1. It caught my eye a while ago and I haven’t had the chance to dine there until yesterday, when Kaishi and I visited Suntec again.


Exterior of the Teo Chew Porridge Restaurant


We ordered 3 dishes (2 vegetables and 1 meat) and 2 bowls of ‘Teochew Muay’ (porridge) and the total came up to only $7. Equivalent to economy rice I would say, but a healthier choice if you don’t wish to indulge in so much oil.


They have a wide spread of dishes for you to choose there


Pricing menu


The 3 dishes we ordered


But if you wish to dine there, be sure to head there early (as in perhaps 12 for lunch and 6 for dinner) when the food is still piping hot. We went at around 745pm when there was almost nobody left there, and hence a few dishes were unavailable already. Oh, and if you do go late, don’t order those dishes placed right on the inside (they might have a few dishes not on the heater) – the spinach we ordered was super cold and oily…


What's left after we finished the spinach


There’s no exact address for this Teochew Porridge Restaurant, but if you want to find it, it’s right next to Pasta Mania at Suntec City (inside the Food Terrace near the Fountain of Wealth). Here’s their address:


Yong Heng Teochew Style Porridge Restaurant
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Fountain Food Terrace





It’s definitely not the best Teochew Porridge around, but it’d suffice if you just want a simple, cheap and plain meal. Happy eating :)


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