iPhone Alarms Faulty? It’s True!

This is not a good way to start off 2011, especially for iPhone users running on iOS 4.0 and above (reportedly).

For those of you who still don’t know the technical glitch, apparently iPhone’s alarms are not functioning after the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Day this morning. Engadget reported it yesterday at 9 pm, 3 hours short of the countdown to the new year, on possible warnings that the alarm might not work, and fail it did.

Did a test today to verify – I set the alarm to a minute after, and indeed, it did not go off. Darn!

So to those starting work tomorrow (especially fellow PI friends), or have appointments and meetings to stick to, here’s one possible solution first:


1) Head to your alarm page as usual


You should see the main alarm page like when you set your normal alarm every other day. Normally, I don’t put it on repeat mode, so as you can see, the first field saying Repeat states ‘NEVER’.


2) Bypass the bug and set it on repeat


Simply click on repeat, and you’ll see this list of days where you can select which dates the alarms will repeat itself. Check those days that you need, and save the preference.

3) Ta-dah!


Your main alarm page should now look like this: with the repeat notice under the alarm timing.




That’s it. Simple as that.

BUT, that being said, I’d still recommend a second alarm clock just in case.


Happy new year 2011! :)


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