Homecoming: Coming home to you on CNY!

I know I promised that my current post will be one that will be about my internship life now, but I guess this is of more interest to readers than myself!


As you all know, about half a year ago, local renowned film director and actor Jack Neo made headlines when news of his affairs leaked out into the media. It went on to a frenzy few weeks of exposure where countless girls turned up confessing that they’ve slept with him… blah blah blah… I’ve always established that all they want is fame (how could you have slept with someone that’s already married, and still remain so proud about it as to expose the relationship? And come on! It’s not sane to announce that you’ve had sex with someone. Keep it to the bedroom please!)


Nevertheless, Jack Neo’s reputation went down faster than anything in the world, and he was out of action for a while. But now, he’s back! Even Straits Times reported it a while back!


Neo will be starring in an upcoming movie titled Homecoming, premiering on the 3rd February (with sneaks on 28th Jan!), which is also the first day of Chinese New Year! Directed by Lee Thean-Jean, this one-and-a-half hour comedy will supposedly portray Neo cross-dressing as a lady (AGAIN!?), playing a mum’s character. It has really been a while since Neo donned a woman’s clothes, and I’m sure all of us remember his famous ‘Liang Po Po’ and ‘Liang Si Mei’ comedies! I’m still watching them regularly for a quick laugh! You should too! They’re ALL on YouTube!!! HAHAHA.


Ok I sound like I’m promoting Liang Si Mei. Back to track. I mean, yes he’s committed an extra-marital affair, but I don’t think he deserves the public humiliation and attention that rose just because he’s a celebrity. Look, there’re bound to be hundreds of fuckers out there who’re sleeping behind the backs of their husbands and wives, and they don’t make headlines just because they’re exposed. Give the guy a break, to those of you who’re still harping on this issue. Work and private life are two different matters.


Nevertheless, I’m still a huge fan of Jack Neo. I know many of you aren’t anymore, but I’d still support him even though he screwed his private life up, AND… I’ve long waited for another Jack Neo movie since his last one produced. Where are the nice days of ‘Money No Enough’ and ‘Money No Enough 2’? Jack seems to be the only director in Singapore that can portray a relatively accurate picture of current day society, incorporating a mixture of cultures, languages and dialects. Which other directors does that? Tell me. That’s another HUGE reason why I’m a supporter of him and I really want to watch this show.


A little more on Homecoming that I found out:

The movie revolves around three stories of three different individuals going home for the new year, and Neo will be playing mother to this character called ‘Ah Niu’. It was also reported that he lost about 5 kg in preparation for this role!


Homecoming premiers 3rd February 2011 at all major cinemas!


And for those of you who can’t wait, here’s the trailer….


I guess it’s a pretty good timing to launch the movie on Chinese New Year itself, given that the plot revolves around Chinese New Year, but ticket sales might be a little down given that majority of the Chinese community will be out running around to ‘bai-nian’ (pay respects and go family-visiting)! But still, do head down to watch it if you’re free, and then, let me know if it’s good! HAHA :D


I’ll be waiting for the launch for my regular dosage of Jack Neo’s humour and comedy. :)


Like the Homecoming Facebook page here!


PS: Oh and for those of you who want to re-watch Jack Neo’s past comedies as ‘Liang Si Mei’, here’s one of them (you can link to the others via this YouTube video!) Enjoy!



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