Internship so far…

I’m so sorry for this very long overdue post – actually it’s not lah, I said I’ll post it up a week ago, but I blogged about Homecoming instead in the previous post, so here we are.


As some of you might know, I’m currently interning at Ernst & Young Singapore with the Marketing and Communications department. This entry will probably depict Ernst & Young as a whole, and will at no times, contain any opinion or prejudiced views against any members of the firm or the firm itself. I’m just stating facts and showcasing the beauty of the company :D


It isn’t my first time at EY though, having done another 6 months internship back in 2005 at their HR department, when EY was still located at the now-demolished Ocean Building. It has since relocated to the elegant, classy and really beautiful One Raffles Quay North Tower. OK, perhaps the beauty of the building compromises with the level of work stress you get there eh? Haha.


The underpass from Raffles Place MRT leading to One Raffles Quay | Photo - Internet


One Raffles Quay is part of the new Marina Bay Financial Center which comprises of One Marina Boulevard (where NTUC’s HQ is I suppose), One Raffles Quay North and South Tower, and also leads to the new Marina Bay Link Mall (check out my blog entry here) and Marina Bay Residences.


One Marina Boulevard (NTUC Building) (left) and One Raffles Quay (North Tower) (right) | Photo - Internet


Nevertheless, I shall let the pictures do the talking here:


Main Reception of Ernst & Young Singapore | Photo - Courtesy


The classy meeting rooms along the Reception Walkway


On the first day of work, we interns, together with the rest of the new full-time staff, were ushered into the Marina Room (one of their big meeting rooms) and served drinks (choice of coffee, tea or water!) How wonderful! The respective HR staff came to address us and issued us with our T&C, Knowledge Agreement forms (yadah yadah… you know the numerous forms eh), and our entry passes. The full-time staff got their photo ID cards but we just got a plain temp pass >.<


My temp pass for this 6 months

The view of the upcoming Marina Bay Financial District from the meeting room


They even made name-tags for us interns!


We were shown to our desks by our department colleagues. Interns were supposed to sit at the benches (some bench-style work desk where there’s no partition and the next fellow is just an arm’s length away from you). I guess that’s the new working environment, compared to previously when everyone had a cubicle and managers/directors had their rooms. Now, it’s scaled a level down – executives get benches (I swear it looks like our secondary school’s computer or science labs configuration!) and directors get cubicles instead.


So, fortunately for us, they ran out of bench space and we were allocated a cubicle :) I wouldn’t mind being at a bench but since there’s an available cubicle, why not eh? :P


My desk with the very very slow IBM they issued us


Oh yes, another fact to comment: while most perm staff are issued with new DELL Latitude laptops, interns are given IBM Thinkpads (I’m not complaining ok, for those of you who are starting to think that I’m going to whine). But seriously, they need an upgrade of hardware and laptops. The IBM takes 5 minutes flat to boot up every morning, and another 3 minutes to load LotusNotes. Yes, they use LotusNotes. :) But other than that, it’s fine.


A typical office configuration at EY


And a final picture before I close this entry – an overview of my office level. I guess I won’t be able to show more given that some things might actually be confidential. But yeah, it’s nothing exciting.




It’s Sunday night already, and it’s back to another week at work, starting with 2 more meetings tomorrow. Monday blueeeeeeeessssssss……


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