A while back, I blogged about how I wanted to watch the upcoming new movie: Homecoming, starring Mark Lee, Jack Neo and A Niu. Thanks to the awesome peeps from omy.sg, I attended the gala premier of Homecoming this Tuesday at Golden Village Vivocity!


Homecoming premiers 3rd February 2011 at all major cinemas!


I shan’t spoil the mood for those who are waiting for its official release next Thursday, but here’re a few details about the movie first before I go into what I think about it.


Genre: Comedy
Director: Lee Thean-Jeen
Casts: Mark Lee, Jack Neo, A Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenyong, Rebecca Lim, Koe Yeet, Liu Ling Ling
Duration: 1.5 hours




“Homecoming” is about three stories of three different individuals going home for Chinese New Year. A major highlight of the movie is that Jack Neo, who will be cross-dressing on the big screen again after eleven years since “Liang Po Po The Movie” back in 1999. He will be playing mother to Ah Niu’s character. It is said that he was told to lose at least 5kg for his role. Jack Neo long time collaborator Mark Lee and Malaysian multi-talented writer-director-comedian Afdlin Shauki are among the cast.


Ok. Now for my review:


It was the first time I attended a gala premier, and I was really shocked at the crowd when I arrived at GV Vivocity!


Disgusting crowd at Vivocity GV


The place was full already at 7.25 pm when we reached! And not to mention the movie starts at 8.40! I guess people were queuing up and squeezing for a nice spot waiting for the casts to head out. Meanwhile, the host was entertaining the audience on stage, blabbering on and on about how this movie was made… blah blah blah… Personally, I didn’t really catch what she was saying, so we just headed to collect our tickets.


Our tickets for the night, plus a complimentary pass to the Homecoming Post-Gala party at the Gallery Bar at St James Power Station!

Loitered around a bit… more photos to come…

Audience eager to answer questions (more like hoping to win prizes)...

Anyway, director Lee Thean-Jeen appeared and said a few words, followed by an introduction of the casts, and finally, they all went on stage to take a group photograph (of which I didn’t catch because I just had a pathetic ‘soon-going-to-die-on-me’ Powershot camera with me) and even had lou-hei!!! Really going into CNY mood!

GV Vivocity was closed for this premier, so all advertisement boards were featuring the movie!

Decorations at entrance of GV Max, where I presumed the casts and VIPs were...

Anyway, Homecoming is indeed a very heartwarming movie, of which it really made me ponder over the meaning of a reunion dinner we have every year before Chinese New Year. How many of you actually sat down and think thoroughly through about what a reunion dinner means? Is it just sitting down and hoping there’ll be abalone or nice dishes that night? Or wishing it could end earlier so that you can go back and rest?

Well, to a certain extent, I won’t deny I thought of those before. But after watching the movie, Jack Neo and Mark Lee’s interpretations of a reunion dinner really struck my heart: It doesn’t matter what you eat or where you eat, what matters is the company you’re with, and that you’re with your entire family. It feels so exceptionally true especially after the scene whereby Mark Lee’s daughter was not by his sideeeeeeeeeee……. (OK I shan’t be a spoiler. Want to know? Go watch the movie! HAHA)

Nevertheless, it was really a good movie. I won’t rate it 5/5, but it would suffice with a 4. Although not directed by Jack Neo himself, you can feel the tinge of ‘Neo-ism’ throughout, like those you felt when watching his previous films such as I Not Stupid 1/2, Ah Long Pte Ltd… etc. Didn’t feel so surreal probably because 7/8 of the movie was filmed in KL and not Singapore, but still, a good watch.


Guess what happened 45 minutes into the show? The show suddenly stopped! YES! Not like freeze screen but LITERALLY WENT BLACK! And the lights came on! Some other bloggers beside me were joking whether we were supposed to watch the entire movie rather than just a SNEAK preview. A few minutes later, the lights went off and the movie resumed.

And the worse part of all, GV apologised at the end, BUT MUTED THE CREDITS AND EVEN SOME PARTS OF NG BECAUSE IT HAD TO PLAY ITS STUPID APOLOGY TWICE! TWICE!!! (like we can’t hear you over the speakers in the cinema!)

It’s damn disappointing, considering it’s GOLDEN VILLAGE. And to a certain extent, it’s quite inauspicious too, especially since it SCREWED UP A MOVIE ON ITS GALA PREMIER, of all days. The cinema manager ought to be fired, immediately!


Sadly, I didn’t attend the post-party at St James Power Station because it was really getting quite late and I still had tons of work to clear the next day, so I passed my tickets on to two friends, whom I hope they had fun! :)

Anyway, rantings aside, it’s a highly recommended movie to watch with almost anyone possible, a friend, an acquaintance, or even your family and relatives! I know most of you will be out visiting during the first day of CNY, but maybe spare two or three hours on the third or fourth day and catch this movie? I bet you won’t regret it :)

HOMECOMING opens at all major cinemas in Singapore on Thursday, 3rd February 2011 (first day of Chinese New Year).

You can also join their Facebook page HERE!


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