For all the reasons we call this home.

Sorry for the very long hiatus and absence from this blog – work has been piling up with a humongous load of events and emails to clear almost daily.


Nevertheless, I finally managed to squeeze out some time to blog again! Man do I miss blogging!


Anyways, I’ve a whole load of materials on my table, stacked in queue ready for me to whip out and start blogging (yes, I’ve been to that many places). But before I embark on that, a video I watched this evening struck me deep – one that I would strongly recommend you watch.


How many of you have ever walked around your neighbourhood, taking in the sights of daily life, elderly folks taking strolls, adults buzzing around like busy bees heading to work and back from work, school kids playing at the playground – these are the sights of a typical neighbourhood in Singapore – one that I miss dearly ever since I moved away from Tiong Bahru.


We tend to complain and nag when things don’t go our way (yes, I admit I’m like that too). We kick up a huge fuss over trivial matters, and we sometime wonder how life would be like in a peaceful, not-so-stressful-and-hectic country like Australia or New Zealand. But have you ever stopped and wonder what makes Singapore so special? It’s exactly these things – and it’s exactly all these happenings that define Singapore – that defines our home.


My classmate and aspiring filmmaker Lizzy came up with this short video – which is also hosted on (an exploratory blog site founded by her and three other friends). It showcases Singapore in its very own and pure originality – the habits we have, the people we house, and the small minute things we do that makes Singapore Singapore. I especially love the fact that the video is embedded into Kit Chan’s Home, it being my favourite NDP songs till date. Take a few minutes to watch it – I assure you it will bring back memories, and then perhaps we might just stop complaining so much in future :P


We believe what makes us Singaporean is not just the infrastructure, cleanliness or success of our nation. But what ties us to this land and what leads us to call this home, is the little things that we have made memories of and can never forget.



If you liked that video, vote for it here too!




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