Corrections made easy with Pilot Frixon Point!

Have you ever grumbled that your pencil case was too stuffed to include a correction pen inside? From the tiniest, smallest, and thinnest kind to those mega-huge kinds like the ones below?

Bulky correction pens! Photo | Internet

Or have you ever yearned for a solution that will not leave those ugly correction fluid marks on your paper after you’ve made your corrections?

Here’s the answer for you! Introducing Pilot’s new addition to its FriXion series – the new FriXion Point! To the unsuspecting person, the new FriXion pen just merely looks like another ordinary pen on the shelf. But look closely at one end of the pen and you’ll realize the pointed rubber tail that serves as an eraser for all your errors!

The new Pilot FriXion Point pens.

Don’t believe? Watch my simple demonstration here! (Pardon me for I have quite a bad sore throat and can’t narrate). Also, I’d advise to watch it on full screen, for being a video noob, I didn’t know how to zoom it further in using any software. :(

This new FriXion Point is an ‘enhanced’ version from the original FriXion Ball, incorporating a new rubber cushion grip near the pen tip that will soothe your fingers when writing for long periods of time. And on the other end of the pen, the small white rubber tip serves as an eraser (as I’ve mentioned), and working by act of friction, taking corrective precision to a whole new level just like waving a wand! (Ok, maybe rubbing a wand would be a better description)

Rubber grip to soothe fingers from long periods of writing

The rubber tip at the other end serving as an eraser.

So who should buy this? Of course, ALL OF YOU should try it out! You’d never know when you need it or whether you really need it until you really try it right? But it’s definitely a necessity for people who are neat-freaks (somewhat like me), love drawing sketches (I believe correction fluid stains are disgustingly ugly on art sketches!) and perhaps if you wish to write secret notes to another person without the rest of the world knowing! Oh yes, did I mention students who wish to cheat? HAHA. Just a joke. You’d better not try it in schools – I won’t be responsible for your expulsion or detention.

The new Pilot FriXion Point retails at all major bookstores at only S$2.35 each. Get yours now!

Note: Pilot Pen advises against the use of the FriXion Point ink on documents where writing needs to be of permanent nature such as legal documents, examination papers (ah, see, students, don’t be playful!) and cheques. To avoid accidental erasure, do not leave the written words in places where it may be subjected to temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius.


About Pilot Pen

Pilot has taken an active approach in community efforts, especially towards students. In 1994, Pilot began supporting schools’ badminton tournaments, eventually culminating in the “Pilot Pen Cup”. This annual badminton competition sees Pilot working closely with the CCA of Ministry of Education to cultivate young sports talents in the student community.

Pilot Pen Singapore was also the official writing instrument sponsor of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010). For more information, please visit


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