Fast 5 – Rio Heist!

Thanks to the kind folks at and United International Pictures, I caught the preview of the much anticipated Fast & Furious 5 – Rio Heist (Fast 5) yesterday!

As per all my movie reviews, I’m not going to leak much about the movie itself, but I must say if you’re either 1) a car fanatic or 2) a loyal and devoted and crazy Fast & Furious follower like me, this is a MUST CATCH MOVIE for you!

Filled with 2 STRAIGHT hours of action packed excitement and anticipation, Fast 5 brings you straight into the heart of a heist mission in Rio de Janeiro (Rio Heist, duh), and sees a collaboration of all major characters from the previous 4 movies in the series!

Vin Diesel (starring as Dominic Toretto) appears back as the main star, together with Paul Walker (as Brian O’Conner), and in a surprise appearance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes on the role of Special Agent Hobbs in this movie. Other characters include:

  • Tyrese Gibson (starring as Roman Pierce – Brian’s old buddy from 2Fast2Furious)
  • Jordana Brewster (starring as Mia – Dominic’s sister and Brian’s girlfriend from the very first Fast & Furious movie)
  • Matt Schulze (starring as Vince from the very first movie also)
  • Sung Kang (starring as Han from Tokyo Drift)

The movie starts off with Brian and team bus-jacking the LA County Sheriff bus and rescuing Dominic who has just been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment without early payroll, and goes on to the scene where they attempt to pull a job stealing exquisite cars from a train (all for something which you will see later in the movie!)

However, when the plan is foiled, they break off from their foreign counterparts and start evading them, fending off gunfire and hot pursuit by Rio’s most notorious drug lord. On the other side, Brian, Mia and Dominic are listed as wanted criminals by the FBI (or was it CIA, or whatever agency it is) and are pursued by the famous Dwayne Johnson (I’m still amazed at how he has to walk with his arms 45 degrees out from him because he has too much muscles! HAHAHA).

OK lah, I shan’t reveal too much. However, for those who are yearning for a lot of drag races and stuff like that, there ain’t many in this show. Mostly filled with excitement from escaping and dodging either parties, which will also result in quite a bit of nice car scenes too. Nice and destructive though :P

Some screen shots for you all to enjoy :)

Brian, Mia and Dom as one family...

Showdown between Dom and Hobbs

Dominic escaping from Hobbs in a hot pursuit

Tyrese Gibson returns as Roman Pierce.

Ludacris stars again as Tej in this latest Fast & Furious instalment

Sweet ending to the movie... or is it? :P

And of course, the official trailer for Fast 5! I’ve also embedded the trailers for the rest of the series here :)

Fast & Furious 4

Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift


The Fast and the Furious


Fast 5 will officially screen today at all major cinemas in Singapore. Head down and join the high speed chases and action now!

All photos courtesy of the Internet.

Rating: 4.5/5


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