Support me in the Linkin Park photo contest on Facebook!

Hello hello dear friends!

This is not my usual advertorial or ranting post, but I’d like to get a HUGE HUGE FAVOUR from all of you wonderful peeps out there!

I’ve signed up for the Linkin Park “Burning in the Skies” photography contest on Facebook, of which the top prize will be an iPad WIFI + 3G, S$100 and CD hampers!

“Burning in the Skies” is the latest hit taken from Linkin Park’s platinum-selling album “A Thousand Suns”.

And this is my entry found here:

Fireworks at SYOG 2010

With all your support, this iPad could be mine, and I’ll be eternally grateful to all of you! :D

Apple's iPad | Photo - Internet

So here’s what you gotta do:

Step 1: Visit BackZtage’s Facebook page HERE and LIKE their page!

Step 2: Head to my picture entry and LIKE the photo

Select the contest album from the 'Photos' tab on the left!

LIKE the photo and you're done! (:

That’s all! Simple as that!

A huge mega thank you in advance – and please help spread the word to your friends, family, relatives k? :)


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