Singapore Blog Awards 2011!

I’ve joined the Singapore Blog Awards 2011!

Ok, this is not an advertorial for my blog though.

I know there’s nothing fanciful about my blog, just random musings and rants from daily life and happenings around me. And I don’t have a customizable side bar (but I’ll be getting my customizable CSS package soon! *hopefully*) But hey, no harm participating right? :P

Nevertheless, this is also a call to all aspiring and up-rising bloggers out there! Join the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 now, organized by

This year, the Singapore Blog Awards returns with more exciting events and prizes. Other than a custom-made trophy designed by famous artist, Mr Tan Swie Hian, bloggers will also stand to win a trip to Melbourne, Australia, inclusive of air tickets and accommodation and other attractive prizes. In total, over $30,000 worth of prizes awaits participating bloggers including HTC phones, Asus laptop and more. Participating bloggers will also receive exclusive invitations to sponsors’ events such as the movie premiere of Kungfu Panda 2.

You can choose from 10 main categories and 4 sponsored categories to participate in. So what are you waiting for?

Nominate someone or register yourself before this Sunday, 22 May 2011!

And while you’re at it, support me! :) hahahaha


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