Treat yourself to a scare with LaddaLand!

Nothing to do after work or during the day?


Or bored at home on a weekend?


Or you’re just looking for some excitement, fun and intense actions (sounds so wrong LOL)?


Head down to catch LADDALAND today!


Would you ‘stay’ or ‘move out’if your village has ghosts?


Thanks to Golden Village and, I caught the preview of this new Thai horror installation a few days back. Yes, yes, I know. Some of you who know me might ask me: why horror? 


I remember the last horror movie I watched was actually Case 39, a day before Kai and I got together :P That was actually not scary, but satanic instead. The last ASIAN horror show I caught was actually SHUTTER, back in 2004! That’s like 7 freaking years ago!


So, this time round, when sent us the invite, I decided to try it out once and be brave.


A little bit more about the movie:




Thee (Saharat Sangkapreecha) is one of millions in Bangkok that cannot afford a home, much less a spacious home on his meager staff salary. Living in an old rental apartment, he feels the societal pressure of being labeled a bad husband and father for not being able to provide his family a house. 

One day, a huge job opportunity knocks on his door and Thee accepts a position as the new Head of Marketing at a company located in northern Thailand . Now with a substantially higher salary while living in an area with lower real estate prices, a new home isn’t just a dream anymore. Without hesitation, Thee decides to leave his old life and move his family to Chiang Mai. 

Thee believes that his wife, Parn (Piyathida Woramusik), and his two kids Nan and Nat will have a happier life at Laddaland, a new housing project with large, beautiful homes. Life is good. At the dinner table, Thee smiles proudly with pride. Finally, everyone can be together and enjoy the warmth and comfort of their new home. Little does he realize that in the same evening a Burmese maid is brutally murdered at a neighbor’s house. Savagely beaten, her mangled body is found stuffed inside the refrigerator.  


Apparently, LaddaLand was based on a true story from an abandoned village in Chiang Mai (the village is called LaddaLand too!), apparently being left behind by residents after a series of unexplained deaths there.


Directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit (who also directed “COMING SOON”), and together with the studio who brought you 4BIA and PHOBIA 2, this movie starts off with Thee and his family moving into Laddaland, and subsequently goes on to show the discovery of the maid’s gruesome murder.


Out of curiousity, Thee’s daughter, a rebelious one at that, sneaked into the house where the maid was found dead, together with her friends. There, the maid revealed herself and resulted in her friends fleeing, leaving Nan alone in a dark room… (anticipation builds up…) I shan’t reveal anymore, go watch the movie! hahaha.


The movie continues with an abrupt disappearing of the maid’s ghost, and turns its focus onto Thee’s neigbours, a debt-ridden family who eventually was murdered by the father/husband. What’s more creepy was the luring of Thee’s son, Nat, by the kid of the dead family, to play with him. Thee’s wife starts to go berserk, and the movie ends off with a rather pitiful ending (I won’t reveal what happened either!)


If you’re looking for continuation and answers during the movie, don’t bother. The movie transits from one situation to another without a completion (aka telling you wtf happened to the ghost or how it turned out in the end).



I feel that Laddaland is different from other ghost movies in the sense that it instills the spookiness deep inside you, and of course, coupled with the usual sound effects, scares the shit out of you when you’re watching it. However, as compared to other Japanese/Thai ghost movies, Laddaland didn’t create the fear in me when I went home. OK I was quite spooked when I was showering late at night, but after that I had a really good night’s sleep!


If you’re really curious about the real Laddaland, a simple search on Google will bring you quite a bit of results! (Most of it are in Thai though, damn.)


And there’re stories too! (whether they’re true or not, it’s up to you and your mind :P )


Attached some pictures of the real life Laddaland. Looks quite spooky actually, more than the village in the movie!

Overview of part of Laddaland

Photos courtesy | Internet



Here’s the official trailer for LaddaLand:




LaddaLand screens in cinemas from tomorrow, 9th June, onwards! Be sure to catch it for a thrill scare!


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